A Beauty Of My Entire Existence Captivated By Him Essay

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Jisoo had always regarded himself as an inquisitive individual.
He found gratification in asking questions that were not meant to be asked. He found contentment in understanding things that weren’t meant to be understood. He found fulfilment in knowing how things of complexity functioned; how all the tiny gears came together to create something significant.
Because there was a beauty in understanding; a beauty in comprehending. Because with understanding came the absence of naivety and ignorance. Which were two (out of the many) things that drove Jisoo absolutely insane.
But no matter how many questions he asked, there was still one thing that he couldn’t understand.
Well, not so much as a ‘Thing’ but more like a ‘Who’.
He couldn’t understand Yoon Junghan. And it drove him absolutely insane.
Because, ‘Why?’ Jisoo thought. ‘Why is every single atom of my entire existence captivated by him?’
‘Why is it so hard to breath until he smiles down at the pages of that antiquated notebook, and suddenly that crushing feeling that’s always on my lungs suddenly disappears?’
‘Why is he the embodiment of the only mystery that I can’t solve?
Jisoo, being his logical self, had approached the numerous questions through science. And everything pointed to the fact that he was in love with Yoon Junghan.
But Jisoo knew that he wasn’t.
He wasn’t in love with Junghan. It was something else. Some other feeling that he couldn’t explain. Something that he couldn’t understand. And it drove him…

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