Essay on A Assessment On Conflict Management

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Completing the assessment on conflict management I was able to determine my conflict management style from highest to lowest. My highest conflict handling style was compromising with avoiding being my lowest. During the assessment questions I based my answers on how I would handle situations at work. At work I approach conflicts in a manner in which is best for the company, achieves a long term solution and what option is the most financially feasible. At times this means compromising to achieve the best results or collaborating with other departments.
(1) Upon review of the results of my conflict management style assessment I was not overly surprised by the outcome. My strongest attribute was a compromising approach. The goal of compromising is an “I win some, You win some” result. I find this to be accurate to my style. I have always seen both sides to a situation and in doing so am able to sacrifice something on my end to achieve an end result goal In turn I’ve also been able to convince the other party to sacrifice a goal on their end to achieve the results. Utilizing compromise to resolve situations at work benefits both parties and boast the general welfare of our business. Another area I was not surprised by was my lowest conflict management style being avoiding. This style reflects an approach of backing down from conflict and typically is an “I lose, You lose” scenario. I tend to approach conflicts head on and not ignore a situation and hope it will go away or…

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