7great Lies in Networking (Ann Sieg) Essay

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The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing
By Ann Sieg Brought to you by: The Renegade Network Marketer Click HERE Visit us on the web: CLICK Here
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Have you ever thought to yourself: There’s gotta be a better way to do this. Something’s missing - it can’t be this hard? I sure did. After almost 2 years of religiously going to meetings, setting up appointments and showing the plan, I came to a point in my business where I hit a massive brick wall. For all my hard work, I had nothing to show for it but debt, an abundance of products and a dwindling list of friends who actually still talked with me. Maybe you can relate. The worst part about it was, I could not – for the life of me – figure out why this wasn’t working! I was doing everything I had been told to do. In fact, I did way more than that. I was the kind of distributor you’d kill for. But I wasn’t any closer to the dream of financial freedom than I was when I started. So I began looking for real answers to why I was spinning my wheels. To make a long story short and get right to the point, I finally did figure out what was wrong. And when I did, my entire view of this business changed forever. I’d like to share with you what I discovered: Almost Everything You’ve Ever Been Taught About Building A Network Marketing Business Is Pure BS! And here’s why: In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind. Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever

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