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Apple’s Gold Medal in Advertising
Apple’s creativity in advertising is one of a kind. Their ability to connect with the audience through artistic expression and emotion evoking commercials is setting the bar for all advertisers. In 2013, Apple released a Christmas commercial that shows the perfect family get-together. With a well-known Christmas song in the background, they bring out joyful feelings. While throughout they are able to help the audience correlate joyful family memories with Apple and the main product of the commercial, the iPhone. Through the use of music, using emotions of the audience to their advantage, and telling a story throughout the commercial, Apple effectively advertises their product and company.
Apple’s 2013 Christmas
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One study explains the effectiveness of emotional appeals in advertising, “Such advertising executions often feature high impact, sensually evocative appeals that stimulate strong positive emotions” (Moore & Harris, 1996, para.1). In the commercial, Apple illustrates a loving family celebrating Christmas together. One of the teenagers can’t seem to get off his iPhone and the family notices his disinterest in involvement, which many families can relate to in the age of smart phones. However, near the end of the commercial the family discovers that the teenager had been recording the family get-together and created a short film on his iPhone. The actors in the advertisement show joyful emotions and cry tears of joy. Therefore, this Apple commercial uses relatable emotions to appeal to the audience and grab attention for the entirety of the commercial. Many reminisce their own family memories and associate Apple products with the joyfulness of Christmas and bonding with loved …show more content…
The use of narrative in advertising is being used so heavily in the advertising agency. One study shows, “stories in advertising can involve and entertain consumers or hook them into the viewing process. To the extent that ad perceivers are hooked, they feel more positive and express more favorable attitudes toward the ad” (Chingching, 2009, para. 10). The use of this strategy in advertising appears to work sufficiently in the overall opinion of either the company, the product or both. Chingching (2009) also states, “narrative advertising was able to be processed and, as a result, was more effective than argument advertising” (para. 1). This research is explaining that an average audience prefers a narrative that evokes emotion in an advertisement over factual evidence that appeals to the logical side of an argument. Therefore, Apple uses a narrative in its commercial because it keeps the audience’s attention and leaves them satisfied with the either the company or the product by the end of the commercial. With the story arc use in its commercial, Apple could hook the audience through its emotional roller coaster, as well as relate to an average audience. Leaving the audience with good feelings when they think about Apple and its aspects as a

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