201 Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings

Expressing ourselves in the form of communication is a tool we use to portray our needs and feelings to others. Communication can be used in the health and social care setting to build a trusting relationship with a client or patient and to show emotion. We also communicate to provide information, seek information and persuade others.
Effective communication in the adult social care setting is a necessary tool and used on a daily basis to converse with patients, their families and members of staff. This ensures good team work and care for individuals and effective time management. Using good communication is very effective for building a strong relationship with
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Ways to help people with hearing loss are hearing aids, Sign language, lip reading and interpreters. Limiting background noise is also beneficial for people with hearing loss. If the individual can lip read it’s important to stand face to face so they can see your mouth and interpret what is being said.
Loss of sight
An individual with a sight impairment increases the importance of verbal communication. They may be disorientated from being in a new environment so using touch to comfort them can be beneficial. It is also important to explain things more clearly as they can’t register your body language or facial expressions.
Language barriers
An interpreter may be required to communicate properly with a person who doesn’t speak English. Alternatively picture boards and Actions can be used to help.
Dementia and confusion
Basic forms of communication may be difficult for an individual suffering with dementia or confusion to understand. Using short sentences and avoiding open questions can help. Give the person options rather than asking an open question can help them make a decision on there own.
Physical disabilities
An individual’s physical disability may have been caused by an accident or they may have always been disabled in someway from birth. Everyone is different so it’s important to remember a person’s communication ability will change depending on the individual. Some people will still be able

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