Essay about 10 Things Rookie Firefighters Should Know and Why

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So you are a new recruit/rookie/probies. Well then congrats on your achievement of completing the fire academy training. Remember everyone was once in your shoes. When you are hired on to a department. The people of that department, you could be serving with for maybe 10 or more years. To help prepare you for your career in the fire service here is ten thing you must know.
Number one, respect the job. Firefighting is the most respected career and volunteer area in the United State of America. For those men and women who wear the bunker gear a lot people wish they could be us, for whatever reason that is. Because it is just an honor to be a firefighter, it is equally to be as much have a dishonor to become a person who does not care about
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It better to find missing part or screwed up equipment before you need it, because when you need it you needed it yesterday. Check fluids in the engine compartment not to forget also the tire pressure.
Number six, responding to an emergency. Every call will be different. The only thing that will be the same about them is whoever called it is their worst day of their life. In addition, you are there to make it better even in the smallest ways. You run into the danger as those you serve run out from it. You really do not have a clue what your about to get into. So take it slow and easy. Hurrying kills people who failed to look or even sound the floor before they committed themselves to walking on the weaken floorboard. I am really sure you do not want to go from first floor to basement in a heartbeat.
Number seven, safety should be your number one priority above. Your safety is above everyone else one fireground but you should also be looking out for your fellow firefighters who are also on the scene. Do not get caught up in the moment, always go back to your basics. No matter what you thinking, doing or your rank, think safety. Safety is key to coming back home.
Number eight, feeling stressed out tell someone. While you go on calls, you will see and experience things that the average person will almost never see in their lifetime. Over time, you will slowly become immune to traumatic experiences, but you will still and always be effect to it in some way and

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