The Importance Of Gay Marriage In Canada

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Why have we not all accepted gay marriages in Canada? As human beings we should understand that everyone is different, accepting gay marriages does not harm society, we should all be accepting gay marriages because it is a form of love. In the past Canadians have already somewhat accepted and understood the values of love by legalizing gay marriage and creating equal rights after marriage. Some people still believe that Gay couples are not natural and represent a sin to humanity, thus there is not true acceptance in homosexuality. Legalize gay marriage in Canada is reasonable choice because of its benefits for the family unit, the economy, and morality of this country; ultimately, gay marriage promotes equity and is a sign of progress.
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This is actually false. First of all, an 2013 American study study shows that even though the way homosexual parents raise their children is the same as heterosexual parents do, the children raised by homoseual parents are able to adapt the society easier, having higher resilience in the aspects of sexual health as well as psychological. Besides, a child’s relationship with his parents is the main factor on a child’s well-being. Accordingly, a parent 's’ competence on supporting the family will influence the child rather than sex orientation. A gay couple, Will Halm and Marcellion, have a 15 year old daughter who not only accepts this family pattern, but also goes volunteering with various gay/alliance charities to create awareness of fairness of gay rights. Her father proudly states that, “Not the parents who are creating the child, but the children …show more content…
However, indeed, many organized religions throughout the world take an opposing stance, and accept gay rights and even marriage. For instance, in 2007, only 58% Catholic believe that homosexuality should be accepted. However, 70% Catholic think gays and lesbians should be embraced on 2014. Furthermore, only 48% of Orthodox Christianities support gay marriage, but on 2014, 62% Orthodox Christianities encourage homosexualities. They both reflect the acceptance of gay marriage among all Americans. 32% people who participated in the survey claimed that the reason to embrace homoseuxals is that they believe their best friend from high school should deserve the same treatment from others. On the whole, they are homosexual but they are human as well. They deserve the rights that heterosexuals have. They have the rights to pursue their own happiness, rights to liberty and

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