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  • The Camel And The Wheel Analysis

    History of Technology: Interpreting the Context around the Camel In The Camel and the Wheel, by Richard W. Bulliet, Bulliet argues that the camel replaced the wheel in certain regions of the world. Bulliet discusses the domestication of camels, using them for transporting loads, and people. Bulliet argues that due to the camel’s ability to survive in desert climates, and its usefulness as a pack animal, it replaced the wheel entirely until currently. In History: Neglected Clue to…

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  • Empire Of Ghana Dbq Essay

    worldwide that a Spanish map of 1375 represents the king of Mali holding a gold nugget. When Mossi raids destroyed the Mali empire, the rising Songhai empire relied on the same resources.” This shows that the influence of gold in Africa have impacted a region beyond Africa. Upcoming empires have also relied on the same resource that had made many empires very powerful and wealthy, that resource is gold. In 1312-1337 when Mansa Musa made his famous hajj to Mecca with many slaves, each holding a…

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  • Mali's Golden Empire

    In the article, ”Mali: West Africa’s Golden Empire”, clear evidence shows that, Mali was a very powerful and prosperous empire. Mali became a great empire because of geography, trade, and leadership. Sundiata was known to be Mali's first great ruler and founder. One big element to Mali's growth was its geography. Close by to Mali the was a river called the Niger River. This river helped Mali with agriculture and gold trade. Agriculture in mali was also successful due to its grassland and weather…

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  • Shell's Csr Case Study

    4.10 Local effects of Shell and Statoil's CSR in Nigeria The CSR concept however has the capability of both positive and negative effects. There is no doubt saying Chevron and Shell's CSR concepts have brought quit a number of developments and knowledge that the host communities benefited from (Tuodolo, 2009). Chevrons Agbami scholarship and Shell's CD programs has contributed immensely to the building up of local capacity, encourage growth of local economy and social capital establishment.…

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  • The Scarce Reality Of Poverty: Ethiopia

    Parliament Website (2016), the leading political party is the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which formed by the merging of four political parties. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa; it is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. The population of Ethiopia is around 100 million people. The country is made of two major religious groups with 60 percent Christian and 30 percent Muslim. There are over 90 languages spoken in Ethiopia…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Mali

    The republic of Mali is located in western Africa, with a population of around 15 million people. Making it the 24th largest country in the world. Mali also is notably one of the poorest countries in the world. Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel alongside with other students as part of the Students Travel and Exposure South Africa (STAESA) to provide a helping hand to the people of the village of Tiby, which is located in the southern region of the city of Segou. The STAESA is…

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  • Queen Mother Pendant Mask

    Museum) The people who created this were known as the Edo people, also called “Bini”, who are located in today’s southern Nigeria and speak a Volta-Niger language, which is one of the branches of the Niger-Congo language family. Their territory is from west of the Niger River all the way to the swamps in the Niger Delta. ***********(The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica) What is so interesting about this pendant is how tiny it is, yet so intricately designed. It is also…

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  • West Papuan Culture

    the island of New Guinea is involved West Papua. West Papua is understood as the world's one of the biggest asset wealthiest nations which has high substance of unrefined petroleum, copper, gold and timber from its rainforests, which is a territory to tree kangaroos and excellent winged creatures. The number of inhabitants in West Papua comprises of roughly one million, whereby the locals generally make due on chasing and assembling. Prior to the year 1949, West Papua stayed under the control of…

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  • Rise Of The Mali Empire Essay

    During the late eleventh century a thriving empire began to rise. Established along the upper Niger River, the Mali empire raised into a strong civilization. With a strong social arrangement everyone depends on each other. Men and women, although the same species have different roles in the society. Most economic growth came from the gold mines found throughout Mali. Since a lot of gold was found in the empire, gold held the economic value. From the north salt was traded for gold. in the…

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  • Book Of Route And Realms Analysis

    The Book of Route and Realms was written by Abu Ubaydallah Al-Barki in the year 1067 to 1068. The author, Abu Al-Barki, is reliable because he was a first-hand witness to the events and happenings of that period of time. The role of the author is not directly stated in the document; however, from the information provided, we can infer that he was a Muslim leader among the people of Awkar. This document was intended for the people of Ghana and Mali and the environs that might have little or no…

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