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  • Persuasive Speech On A Crafting Place

    you are on hard difficulty, zombies will be able to break your doors down. You do not want that happening to your house, do you? During the next day, try to find a cave. This will be your first source of iron. While you are in the cave get 8 cobblestone if you don’t have any already. You need to use the stone pickaxe we made to mine the iron, if you find any. Some caves just end randomly, so go find a new one. If you can, try to get 27 iron ore. If you find any stone that looks like it has little black holes in it, mine it. That is coal, the fuel you should use in your furnace. Just shift-click the coal when you are in the furnace. It will automatically go in the slot where it should be. Do the same for the iron ore, and I will start smelting! When the first three are smelted into bars, use those three to make a pickaxe like you did for the last ones. If you found 29 ore, use the next two that come out to make an iron sword. After the rest smelts, make some armor out of iron Now you might want to start making a base. Make it out of wood or cobble at first, just because you started a little bit ago. Get rid of the old house because that was only temporary. You can keep your base in the same place the little house was at, but you could also put it on the, top of a hill. That way you can do searching. If you want to be a ranger, make a bow and a tower. Make sure to have some holes in it so you can shoot out of it! In conclusion, this guide taught you how to survive the first…

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  • Iron Smelting In Africa

    Iron smelting and forging technologies have existed in African societies between about 1000 and 500 B.C.E. The Iron Age is an important period in Africa that is often met with diffusion theories, on whether or not iron began there. Iron smelting, and other smelting is still used today in certain parts of Africa. Hitherto stone had been the strongest material around for making tools and weapons. Metal was a far more high quality raw material, compared to others, as it could be made into an…

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  • Sulfuric Acid

    Petroleum refining are one known sourced product in the form of elemental. For raw material sourced downstream from metal smelting, Sulfuric acid is used as a dissolving medium in metal extraction processes for example nickel or copper. Smelting gas which are collective gases, Sulfuric acid is required in the leaching operation which is produced from smelter gas to be plant resupplied. From the Market demand for Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid production seems to have high rate at 1.5-2.5%. From…

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  • Nok Tribe Essay

    were advanced because of their iron smelting skills,sculptures,and their judicial system, but their strange disappearance has caused historians to be left unsure. The Nok people discovered a way to smelt iron, this allowed them to have the strongest tools during this time period. They also created sculptures made out of a material called Terracotta, this details their culture. The Nok people had a modern judicial system with several courthouses. In about 200 A.D.The Nok people disappeared,…

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  • The Zhou Dynasty: The Book Of Lord Shang

    heavy or how light a good ruler should provide fair treatment. By doing so, he must win his people’s hearts, and if he is not able to, then he shall use force, as it is to the author linked to virtue and in the benefit and service of his people. In addition, one cannot control an empire and conquere the enemy, without being able to control his own people. He emphasizes the importance of rules and regulations set by the ruling system to allow the rulet to conquer its people. In order to assert…

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  • How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Great Britain

    the health of the people. The people began getting sick and contracting different diseases, which caused the mortality rate to rise. In the areas where conditions were worse than others “it affected infants and young children more rapidly than adults; and in conditions where the incidence of disease is high one would expect most of the effects of an increased birth rate to be nullified immediately by an increase in the death rate due to an expansion of the age groups with a high death rate.”…

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  • Early Civilizations

    Many people have innovations within their civilization. An innovation is like an advancement of an item or way of life. One of the major innovations was transportation. According to the Big Era Four website and the Innovations chart, transportation made it easier to get to places faster, transport goods, and trade items with other countries. People that had this advancement were civilizations in Southwest Asia and East Africa. Another innovation is iron smelting. This advancement made it easier…

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  • Neutralization Experiment Essay

    not normally affect the fish, the acidity would make the substance even more toxic and will cause the fish to die in large numbers. The two potential industries that could have caused the event is the Sewage Treatment Plant and the Aluminum Smelting Plant. Both these industries release aluminum into the environment and the water. However, the Sewage Treatment Plant also releases chemicals that make the water more acidic. The Neutralization Experiment confirmed that the White River water was in…

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  • Environmental Issues In China Essay

    been outlined below: • Poor solid waste management • Water pollution • Air Pollution . Poor Solid Waste Management. As is the case with all big cities all over the world, Shangai also produces large amounts of waste each day. For example, in 2013, the city had approximately 35,000 solid waste each day which translates to 12.5 million tons annually .A big percentage (66%) of the wastes was created by industries while the rest came from households. The major environmental concern is that despite…

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  • What Was The Main Cause Of The Industrial Revolution

    of machinery.” Watt made one simple change in which he separated the cooling unit of the engine from the heating compartment; this slight adjustment made the engine much more successful and a perfect solution to manufacturing issues in Britain’s factories (Movie 2). While the discovery of the steam engine and almost immediate start of coal mining truly sent a revolutionary shock wave through Great Britain, state-of-the-art technologies involving iron and agricultural produce also had serious…

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