Sulfuric Acid

1.Identify the goals (technical, cost, economic, operational, health and safety, environmental) of the process and where goals are competing,

Technical of the process

Based on the Potential for Human Exposure at United State about 714 facilities were released over 15,077,944 Kg of sulfuric acid to the environment and 8,929,868 Kg of sulphuric acid to air. The most that was recorded for the concentrations of sulfuric acid in air were 678 ug/m3 in London, 240ug/m3 in Los Angeles, and 50 ug/m3 in Ontario. 0.5 mg/m3 of pickling, electroplating, and other acid treatments occupational exposure to sulfuric acid occurs in the OSHA are allowed for the exposure limit which is 8 hours is 1mg/m3.

Cost of the process

Sulfuric acid have varied global
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The major use of Sulfuric acid are:

-Production of fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate and superphosphate of lime
-Manufacture of chemicals as hydrochloric acid, sulfate salts, drugs synthetic explosives, nitric acid, and any substances.
-Petroleum as to wash impurities out of gasoline and or any other refinery products.
-Metal industry capture a growing portion of consumption like pickling or cleaning iron and steel before it plated with zinc
-Rayon (electrolyte) which commonly used in motor vehicles is also manufactured such as battery acid that contain 33% of Sulfuric acid.

In Consumption and market Sulfuric acid has lots of in producing and manufacturing good materials. One of the largest uses of Sulfuric acid is in the production of fertilizers. It is also widely used in the manufacture of chemicals in detergents, drugs dyes and many more. According to the trends, Europe indicates decreasing in consumption since 1980s previously. But United State has a large trend producing sulphuric acid in a few years forward recently. Some goes to other country like Cambodia, Laos, China and others Asia’s
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Petroleum refining are one known sourced product in the form of elemental. For raw material sourced downstream from metal smelting, Sulfuric acid is used as a dissolving medium in metal extraction processes for example nickel or copper. Smelting gas which are collective gases, Sulfuric acid is required in the leaching operation which is produced from smelter gas to be plant resupplied.

From the Market demand for Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid production seems to have high rate at 1.5-2.5%. From many sides of the manufacturing industry, a large range of human needs push forward to this trend in demand. The overall market for Sulfuric acid has acute implications on being a downstream industry of Sulfuric acid. Based on to the uses in all industries, there are also increasing in demand of petroleum refining, pulp and paper and many more chemicals. This demand for Sulfuric acid may conditionally based on their end-uses

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