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  • Pc Sharkey Case Study

    requirement of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1998 and the accompanying PACE Codes of Practice require PC Sharkey to have reasonable grounds for suspecting Marcus of committing an unlawful act while taking reasonable steps when conducting the search. The scenario also raises the question as to whether PC Sharkey has exercised his powers of arrest by having reasonable grounds for believing the arrest to be necessary, while providing Marcus with the right information for the arrest. In…

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  • Case Study Of The Terry Case

    states, Chief Justice Warren had initially approached this decision on the basis that the stop in the Terry case was appropriate. It was Justice Brennan who eventually persuaded Chief Justice Warren to render a decision which put forth the new “reasonable suspicion” standard (Barrett, 1998, 793-821). If Chief Justice Warren had maintained his original inclination of rendering a decision which clearly delineated the standards that a police officer must follow before a search is conducted there…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Stop And Frisk Policy

    The stop and frisk policy is this idea that police officers can stop, question, and pat someone down on the street if there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause that they are committing, have committed, or is in the process of committing a crime. In addition, police officers are able to stop and frisk an individual if they are concerned with the safety of themselves or others. This practice exists as a way to what is supposed to reduce crime rates and help keep communities safe. However,…

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  • Constitutional Challenge Case Study

    1. Analyze Officer Edwards 's searches, if any, and note which may survive constitutional challenge. Officer Edward and Officer Casey are set up a road block to catch drunk drivers, during this roadblock they stop a blue minivan. This action in itself would withstand a constitutional challenge since roadblocks such as these are allowed in most states. The length of time officer Edwards interrogates Jane might be questionable. Considering that he notes no signs of intoxication of any…

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  • Definition Essay On Maturity

    This is the ability to think less of oneself. As a mature individual, one should not be drawn to their own attention. People should have the ability to appreciate others for the contribution they have made to their success. A mature person will also give thanks to the creator for the talents accorded to them. They are aware that without this most of their accomplishments would not have been feasible. Most of the decisions associated with mature individuals are based on character and…

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  • Personal Issues In David K. Shipler's The Working Poor

    agree or disagree. Shipler constructs all of his arguments in a way that it makes it relatable to the reader. He wants the reader to be able to relate to all these people in the book. Based off of the interviewer’s stories, he has somewhat of a reasonable explanation for why it may be happening. There aren’t many solutions told within the book pertaining to employers being somewhat biased about physical appearance. He has named a few ways that people could gain more education that could lead…

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  • Ronald Cotton's Picking: An Analysis

    Standing up for injustice is one outcome of a person who faces prejudice. A place where a person can stand against injustice is in the court system. There have been instances where an individual has been convicted unfairly. The persons and family reaction is to appeal until they are proven innocent.…

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  • Essay On Conscientiousness

    The information provided by this research article came to me as a surprise. While I was aware that personality traits served as predictors in some cases such as likeability, team work or attractiveness, it never occurred to me that they could also be predicting mortality risk. The idea may sound ludicrous at first but after considering the points of the research and the peer rating, the argument does follow suit. This study brings up two interesting points. Personality traits, (more…

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  • Obstacles And Conflicts In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

    own identities and question their morals. In To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch shows that identity can be influenced by how a person reacts to situations that are placed in front of them. Obstacles and conflicts play a crucial role in influencing an individual 's identity because they change the way others perceive a person; therefore,…

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  • Non Lonely Target People

    The purpose of this study was to investigate how loneliness of the target person and their academic performance affect others to perceiver their level of achievement. Eighteen undergraduate students at UCLA including three male and 15 female participated in this study, and their age rang was from 18 to 23 years old. A two way within-subjects design was used to investigate the loneliness level of the target person, defined as lonely or non-lonely, and their GPA level, defined as a 3.5 GPA or a…

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