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  • Rule-Based Thinking: My Personal Code Of Ethics

    and career. Rule based thinking meaning not focusing on the results of my action but the principle. My principles are that being one’s self and saying what’s on one’s mind is extremely important because it provides indirect health benefits for the person being oneself, representation is always a must no matter where you are in life or career, and because…

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  • Relationship Between Power And Corruption

    others or not. As part of the experiment, Galinsky asked the participants to write letter ‘E’ on their forehead. The results of the experiment showed that participant who were primed with the feeling of power wrote ‘E’ backward, when seen by another person (Lehrer, Jonah. "How Power Corrupts."). This experiment clearly shows how powerful individuals see the world through their own eyes and do not care for what other view. Besides this, example from history also proves the point that powerful…

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  • Examples Of Blind Ignorance

    Blind Confidence People can hold firm trust in a person or aspects of life; we associate this feeling with being confident . When we claim someone is ignorant, we assume they have no actual knowledge over something or its topic . And we could mix both of these aspects together in one person then our reference would be a red hearing personality. The question I have is why some people if not most have done this at least once in their life span. We can accept to stand ground in something we have no…

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  • Hong Kong Mental Health Case Study

    is self –organization. They aim to encourage the ex-mentally ill person to have self-help and mutual help. Moreover, to achieve social harmony, they use to promote mental health education to the public. They would have different activities to fight for rights of ex-mentally ill, like using health talk, education course and training, social and recreational activities. The target people of the center are the ex-mentally ill persons. The most attractive activity that helps me learn more about…

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  • Individuality In Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

    comments on how each individual is not truly their own person if they are influenced by the same things as others in society, such as a simple act like shoulder touching, “Something Ruth, for all her close study of them, failed to spot- and this was how so many of their mannerisms were copied from the television”(Ishiguro 120). The use of the words “was” and “were” in this quote help to explain to the reader that Ruth refused to be her own person in the cottages, she always wanted to be like and…

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  • Essay On Dolphins And Personhood

    someone to think of a dolphin as a person. A person does not only have to be a human being. A person can be defined as an independent intelligent being who is able to make life decisions while being self aware. A being that is able to establish connections with other beings and have those connections turn to relationships can be a person. They can also experience pain and feel different emotions and individuals can understand, communicate and manipulate situations. A person cannot just be any…

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  • Should People Allowed For Public Expression?

    Once something is posted online, a picture, video, instant message, etc., it can never “go away” as the a person gives up the ability of control of the post. Everyday teenagers use the popular website, Twitter, to post a photo or video, like posts, share posts, blogs, and include website links. The messages in posts can be positive or neutral depending on the…

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  • Personal Identity And Memory Theory

    form, memory relations are created when a person establishes some form of extension in conscious activity within the mind. However, memory gaps can be factored in and despite being the same person, people can sometimes forget an event in the past that links each person to being one and the same . As such, the remedy to this problem is to introduce the idea of a chain of memory connections. Person n (n being the n-th term…1,2,3,4, infinity, etc.) and Person 1 are memory connected if there is a…

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  • Dr. Henry Cloud Analysis

    Dr. Henry Cloud, the author of “The One –Life Solution Reclaim Your Personal Life While Achieving Grater Professional Success,” provides a practical foundation for creating and rebuilding boundaries. Having boundaries are essential to be able to function at work and home and sometimes individuals forget his or her boundaries and become overwhelmed. This occurs a lot when individual are building his or her career. Cloud breaks his book down into several parts Foundations of Boundaries,…

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  • Tolstoy In Michael Heizer's 'Levitated Mass'

    artist’s wants to deliver a message, the ability to trigger empathy plays a vital role. When a person is not able to emphasize with an artist’s work, then it is not art. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s emotions. With empathy, the viewer is able experience the artists emotions such as fear, happiness, love, and etc. A validation of art is something that is able to affect more than one person. If it affects more individuals, the more likely it is perceived as a high…

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