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  • Tort: The Three Pillars Of Tort Liability

    three pillars of tort liability, namely: 1. wrong (tort) 2. Damage 3.alaqh causality between fault and damage. First: the wrong (tort) Is a breach of an obligation, and consists Altgosaira error of two elements: Second, damage It is harm to the person aggrieved than necessary financially compensated or morally because it touches such a right or legitimate for other interest, whether right or interest to life or the right to safety somatic, or not to touch the emotions, money or freedom or…

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  • Business Tort And Contract Law Case Study

    Business Tort and Contract Law Question 1 I. Dam Good as a business entity may be legally liable for the death of the pilot and the four passengers on board under ordinary and strict liability negligence. If the elements of these heads of tortious liability can be proved on a preponderance of evidence or on a balance of probabilities, then the estates of these victims could successfully claim from Dam Goods. According to Owen, in order to successfully prove liability in negligence, plaintiff…

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  • Injuria And Tort-Feaser

    paid by the person who is held liable for such damage. In tort law, this person or the entity (it can be a sovereign state or its agents like police/army or municipal authorities) is called the tort-feaser. In this paper, we shall try…

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  • Tort Of Negligence Case Analysis

    owners,” (Polischuk, 2015). The defendants also owed the plaintiffs a standard of care. This standard of care was breached due to the owners of the property not using “a warning device capable of detecting an escape of natural gas; did not take reasonable steps in response to elevated natural gas levels; failed to ensure any appliances or other devices would not serve as a source of ignition for escaped natural gas; and failed to adequately inspect, monitor or maintain their portion of the gas…

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  • Civil Wrong And Criminal Wrong Case Study

    wrongs separately from criminal wrongs? First, it is very necessary to understand what “civil wrong and criminal wrong” is, so we can have a better climate to discuss what is at stake. Civil wrong is “An action with a tort, an act against another person or their property, and, a breach of the terms of a contract”. (The law dictionary). On the other hand, a criminal wrong is the breaking of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. That being said,…

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  • Abuse Of Authority

    A court will likely find that Sean Winter’s abuse of authority contributes to a finding of outrageousness under Angeline Jean’s IIED claim. Abuse of authority, under Florida Law, is a factor that can strengthen the outrageousness element of an IIED claim. McAlpin v. Sokolay, 596 So.2d at 2. Abuse of authority occurs when a plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a consequence of a relationship with the defendant, who uses actual or apparent authority over the plaintiff or power to affect…

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  • Mkeichan V. Louis Hockey Club Case Study

    McKichan v. St. Louis Hockey Club, L.P was a 1998 personal injury case that made its way up to the Missouri Court of Appeals. The incident in question occurred on December 15, 1990 during a minor league hockey game between the Peoria Rivermen and the Milwaukee Admirals in Peoria, Illinois. The Peoria Rivermen is a subsidiary club of the defendant. The injury in question occurred during the third period of said hockey game when the plaintiff, who at the time was a goaltender for the Admirals, was…

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  • Personal Injury Claims Case Study

    Personal Injury Claims: How to Fight Back Liability in a personal injury claim isn’t always cut and dry. In some cases, those who feel victimized can find themselves on the receiving end of a costly lawsuit. Defending a personal injury case is a complicated and serious matter; one which demands the skill and attention of an experienced personal injury attorney. Serving Cincinnati residents for over 20 years, O’Connor, Mikita & Davidson have you covered for the guidance and representation you…

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  • The Reasonable Person Test Best Serve The Purposes Of The Law Case Study

    Under the majority view, an employee who has claimed to have been subjected to unlawful discrimination and resigns is said to have been constructively discharged only if a reasonable person would have found the conditions intolerable. The majority view suggests that the employer wanted the employee to quit the job. 2.Under the Specific Intent Test, or minority view, the plaintiff has to show proof that not only the working conditions were made intolerable, but also that the employer created the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Self Defence

    One of the key arguments of the Crown is that Mr Blyton’s state of mind was not reasonable and as he has several different accounts of the day of the homicide, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that self-defence is not an appropriate defence and should be excluded. Self-defence is a defence against an attempted use of violence against an individual. A defendant who wishes to claim…

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