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  • How To Write An Essay On Ernest Hemingway's Life

    novelist was around years ago. Born in 1899, Ernest was raised by his parents, Clarence and Grace Hemingway. Growing up, Ernest and his parents loved to spend time away from their home in Chicago, Illinois. The family owned a cabin in the northern part of Michigan where they spent their time hunting and fishing ( During his high school years, Ernest loved to play sports, such as boxing and football, and write for his school’s newspaper, the Trapeze and Tabula, on his…

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  • A Brief Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln's Life

    Life of Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln on February 12, 1809 (Zall 7). He was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. He has two siblings: Sarah, born in 1807, and Thomas, born in 1812 and died three days after birth (Brookhiser 15). His father was a respectable and prosperous farmer and a carpenter. He did not own any slaves nor did he drink. He was a good father and he trained, taught, and shaped Abraham into the man he would become. We do not know very much about…

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  • Donna Hawley

    The concerns of an eight year old are as drastically different from those of an eighteen year old as are the worries of a twenty eight year old are from those of a thirty eight year old; when imagining a person ten years superior to oneself, they often seem detached and un-relatable. In the words of every petulant child to their parent, “you just don’t get it.” When it boils down to it, are the generations really that different? One woman raised conservatively in the 1950s saw unbelievable…

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  • American Influence On The 21st Century

    The discovery of the New World was not the first encounter of immigration, nor will immigration into the United States cease within the 21st century. The United States consists of a large group of individuals who are different from one another in more ways than one. If two Americans were compared today, it would be apparent that they are not entirely “American”, or “white” (Robbins), but there is no doubt that they had to go through similar processes to arrive and assimilate. Upon the discovery…

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  • Becoming A Social Worker

    Introduction As a young child everyone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, I have always said that I want to help people but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. As I grew older, I have decided that I want to become a social worker. Although I still undecided on what type of social work. I am between a foster care worker or an adoption counselor. I have a love for kids, and I believe that each and every child in the world deserves a loving family and place that they can call home.…

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  • What Is The Role Of Hip Hop In Urban Public Education

    Making School Cool: Hip Hop in Urban Public Education Umeki Z. Funchess Northern Michigan University Making School Cool: Hip Hop in Urban Public Education Convincing students that coursework is important and relevant is one of the goals of many educators as it helps ignite the desire to learn. Making school cool and relatable to the present and future has many positive academic effects on students (Travis & Ausbrooks). Many urban youth in public education systems, especially Black males,…

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  • Clara Barton: A Brief Biography

    enjoyed educating Clara on the ways of the military. He taught her about the importance of keeping the troops supplied with weaponry, clothing, food, and medical necessities. He also taught her geography and told her stories about the Indian War in Michigan and Ohio. Clara’s mother, Sarah Stone Barton, was an eccentric lady with an explosive temper. Clara was the youngest child. She had two sisters and two brothers. Barton’s siblings aided in her education growing up. Her two sisters helped her…

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  • Population And Technological Changes In The 19th Century

    farmer’s] ability to earn income” (Danhof 5). This improvement allowed the relations between the rural and urban populations to strengthen, resulting in an increase in trade. The urban population (defined as having over 2,500 inhabitants) in the northern states increased rapidly after 1820. This increase accompanied the decrease in rural populations, as farmers who “preferred trade, transportation, or ‘tinkering’” to the tasks of tending to crops and animals found great opportunities in the city…

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  • Life Course Perspective Analysis

    Introduction When it comes to aging it can be interesting to look back at an individual’s life and see all of the different changes that have occurred. The goal of the Life Course Perspective assignment was to discuss the turning points, transitions and how the relationships of the individual have changed over time. For this assignment I looked at the life trajectory of my Grandma, Doris. She is currently 78 years of age and is currently married to my grandpa, Larry. She spends her days as a…

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  • Ernest Hemingway's The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

    Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. He lived a very unique life and he carries that over into his writing. His writing intrigues me in the fact that he has such an abrupt writing style, but it was also simplistic. Many experiences that Hemingway went through in his life was evident in aspects of his writing. Hemingway was a patriarch of American Literature. He was awarded for being a war hero and later he received awards for his writing. Eventually his…

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