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  • The Story Of Brandon Nguyen And Sponge Lob Circle Pants

    In a world where there lived a city where they ban your favorite TV show. A duo of friends that are named Brandon Nguyen and Sponge Lob Circle Pants that are 13, try to find out why and try to make the rules fair. Brandon Nguyen who is smart, helpful, talented, humble, and determined. Sponge Lob Circle Pants who is smart, weird, and determined. They find many things bad about this city where the government makes everyone have a bad life. These 2 boys try to do as many things as possible to try…

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  • The Symbolism Of Chris Crutcher's Whale Talk

    If you want a book that relates to real life issues whale talk is the perfect book. This book is banned in many schools for its use of language and expression of racism, it is one of the most real books I have read. Chris Crutcher wrote Whale talk to shed light on a few dark social issues such as bullying and racism, show the irony of society, and last but not least show us there is always hope. Chris Crutcher wrote Whale talk to shed light on a few dark social issues such as bullying and…

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  • Crossing The Bar Tennyson Analysis

    The Last Voyage? Analysing “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Alfred Lord Tennyson was a highly popular writer during his time. He was tutored in classical and modern languages by his father, a minister prone to violent outbursts (Greenblatt 613). He was viewed upon as a peculiar character, who wore a wide brimmed hat, sported a bushy beard, and preferred solitude to company. Tennyson was…

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  • The Counter Culture In Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider

    Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider (1969) established the cornerstone of a new perspective of the West in the countercultural context. As John Ford used the literature for some of his productions, the counterculture gets some influences from the beat generation with authors and works such as Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957). The counterculture’s cultural products share the same fascination for the movement and express a general dissatisfaction towards the traditional community values. This new…

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  • Lies In Huckleberry Finn Analysis

    In his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Huck), Mark Twain satirizes falsehood, and dishonesty through Huck’s vernacular voice in order to show the ignorance of the shameful southern culture where the values consist of greed and manipulation. Although Twain criticizes this seemingly mendacious behavior of lying, he argues that there are circumstances in which deception is acceptable. He adopts a typical southerner mentality through Huck’s genuine voice for the purpose of expressing to…

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  • How Did Augustus Characterize Rome

    Much of any political leader’s success can be attributed to public image. Without the support of those under one’s power, one’s authority does not last long. As Augustus finalized Rome’s transition from a republic to an empire, his public image through military success, information on his private life, and various forms of propaganda—and the subsequent support from the people—was the basis of his power. A leader’s performance while commanding an army was an essential part in winning loyalty…

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  • The Great Gatsby Synthesis Essay

    James Truslow Adams is responsible for coining the term “American Dream” in his book The Epic of America (Source E). Some may find it surprising that the book was published in 1931 because the idea of America’s unique, opportunist culture had been prominent since the country’s founding. However, several creators utilized this idea for central themes in their literary works long before it had a name. One of these people was F. Scott Fitzgerald, who published The Great Gatsby in 1925. In The Great…

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  • Herodotus Character Analysis

    As the first to utilize "history," Herodotus merits Cicero's title, "father of history." no doubt, this child of affluent privileged folks did not have the basic demeanor toward his sources that would be the sign of the later antiquarian. Intriguing tales of the wars between the Greeks and the Persians discovered their way into his pages whether he could confirm them or not, but rather he does at times support and tag certain things as gossip. According to his citations, he more likely than not…

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  • Walter Mitty Character Analysis

    Daydreaming is a way help people to escape from the cruel reality and daydreamers are people who always daydreaming. Both Walter Mitty and Miniver Cheevy are daydreamers. Walter Mitty lives a normal life, but he is unsatisfied with his life. He always indulges in his imagination, daydreaming he is a hero, trying to run away from the reality. Miniver Cheevy is a lazy drunkard who thinks he would be a hero, someone great if he born in the ancient. He blames everything to the time, thinking he born…

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  • How Does Mark Twain Use Irony In The Celebrated Jumping Frog

    Mark Twain wrote his first short story in 1865 and it was named “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”. The story had a great success, and still the readers all over the world love it. The plot of the story is simple and looks like an anecdote, told by the barmen Simon Wheeler. The narrator was looking for Leonidas W. Smiley, who may or may not have stayed in the mining camp where barman worked. Still, Wheeler had remembered only Jim Smiley and decided to tell the story about the…

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