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  • What Is Ironic About The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb By Steve Sheinkin

    bomb. Due to Adolf Hitler 's death and the attack on the heavy water plant, Germany was no harm to us. This proves to show what could have been done. At this point, the war had been going on for a while and everyone was ready for it to be over, Leslie Groves stated “...I was ready to do whatever it took to win the war” (Sheinkin, 116). We did whatever we could to end the fighting between Japan and without the dropping of the bomb then who know how long it may have lasted or what the outcome…

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  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks: The Cold War

    The Cold War was a conflict amongst America and Russia; it was shaped once World War II finished. This created the fall of the Soviet Union, which is a Marxist–Leninist state on the Eurasian continent that existed between 1922 and 1991. It has been declared when the United States dropped the nuclear bombs that it wasn’t the last military performance of World War II although it was the first act of the Cold War. Although Japan was under attack, and the weapons were pointed straight to the Soviet…

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  • Why Is The Manhattan Project Necessary

    The Manhattan Project was a research and development project undertaking during World War 2 that produced the first nuclear weapons. Some people believe that the dropping of these atomic bombs and the development of the Manhattan project was very necessary and it needed to be done. But on the contrary, some think it was a waste of money, time, and it was not used for the good of the war and it was dropped on thousands of innocent people. The Manhattan Project was a great step in gaining…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why To Stop Nuclear Weapons

    Why to Stop Nuclear Weapons Nuclear weapons are very destructive. They cause terrible damage to anything they hit and surrounding area. Although only two have been used in war the threat that more could be used is very possible. Many countries and terrorist groups are trying to get their hands on nuclear materials and weapons so that they can cause harm to other more powerful countries. How the weapon is made, what it is, its effects on the environment, treaties formed, nuclear security, and…

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  • Summary: The First Atomic Bombs

    project, everyone else was kept in the dark. In fact, many contributors were oblivious of the importance of their work until they heard about the atomic bombings on the news. Two of the most crucial leaders of the Manhattan Project were General Leslie Groves and Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. These two men worked closely together to successfully direct the project. After $2 billion spent and three years of nonstop research, development, and construction, Oppenheimer stated that he was ready to test…

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  • Enrico Fermi: How The Atomic Bomb Changed The World

    Perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs in scientific history is the discovery of atoms, and later the splitting of atoms. This eventually lead to the use of atomic energy and its use to create a weapon far more destructive than any of those before it, the atomic bomb. This was a major breakthrough for the scientific and military community. In the 1940s, the United states created two atomic bombs that were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic bomb changed the…

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  • Bombing Japan Persuasive Essay

    Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Obama 's recent visit to Hiroshima, Japan. As the first acting United States President to visit ground zero, and a supporter of ending the use of nuclear weapons, many people were anticipating an apology from President Obama. Additionally, his visit to Japan had risen much controversy over whether bombing Japan needs an apology, and what an apology would say about our country. Although Obama did not issue an apology on his visit, there is still a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Island-Hopping

    too dangerous and a quicker method to end the war would be developed under the Manhattan project. This being the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb would be a “weapon of mass destruction,” constructed with scientist J Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves, the two primary leaders of the Manhattan project. The first atomic bomb would be tested on July 16th, 1945, it proved fruitful. All that was left at this point was whether or not the bomb would be used on Japan. President Truman would make…

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  • Creative Writing: The Big Cottonwood Tree

    They found him under a big cottonwood tree. His Levi jacket and pants were faded light-blue so that he had been easy to find. The big cottonwood tree stood apart from a small grove of winter bare cottonwoods which grew in the wide, sandy, arroyo. He had been dead for a day or more, and the sheep had wandered and scattered up and down the arroyo. Leon and his brother-in-law, Ken, gathered the sheep and left them in the pen at the sheep camp before they returned to the cottonwood tree. Leon waited…

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  • The Possible Causes And Consequences Of World War Two

    World War Two was a devastating conflict that encompassed the world and caused the death of over 50 million people including those who died from atomic weapons. The atomic bombs were major weapons in the second conflict that engulfed the world. Even though the bombs led to the death of thousands, it helped save thousands more. The use of the atomic weapons was required to end World War Two. The Second World War was a major conflict that enveloped the world. About thirty-five to sixty million…

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