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  • Reflective Essay Strength

    When I took the AP Language and Composition course my junior year of high school, I scored a three on the exam. As a student who always enjoyed English and did well in the subject, this was a low point, but . However, I still loved literature and knewI still wanted to become an English major at college. That is how I ended up in Dr. Clermont-Ferrand’s “Introduction to English Studies” class. Looking back at my work throughout this course, I noticed that I have a slight preference in applying…

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  • External Forces In Kwame Appiah's Racial Identity

    Growing up in a world where there is so much pressure to be successful, numerous people are frightened of being ostracized for being themselves. As a young child, completely care free, opinions of others or how they might look at me never crossed my mind. But the older we get, conforming to the rules became the norm, a drastic change occurred as a yearning for acceptance grew. In the articles by Bordo, Appiah and Foucault, readers can see a range of views presented as they elaborate further into…

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  • Film Techniques In Gone With The Wind

    and two sisters. She finds out Ashley, the man she loves, is engaged to Melanie. She decides to reveal her feeling to him in private, but he rejects her by pointing out their incompatibility. To her surprise, there is a third person present, Rhett Butler, who have heard all the conversation between them and her confession to him. Scarlett is irritated and starts to despise him from their first meeting. The war soon starts, Scarlett agrees to the proposal of another man who she doesn 't love in…

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  • And Gender Constitution: An Essay In Phenomenology And Feminist Theory By Judith Butler

    Critical review of the article Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory by Judith Butler Gender is a difficult term to define. Some people might think it is the external characteristics of a person what marks it, others believe it is what it is what you feel inside, and another may hold that is what society imposes them. This critical review examines an article that argues that “gender identity is a performative accomplishment compelled by social…

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  • Benhabib's Poem

    But, Butler warns, philosophy’s transcendentalism, the false suggestive of universals, won’t deliver us there. Indeed, it is the very opposite – an “ungroundedness” – that informs our “contemporary “agency” (131) (touching upon the theme of a vulnerable universal from her first essay). Responding directly to Benhabib’s criticism, Butler notes her misreading of the “doer beyond the deed” (as opposed to the “doer behind…

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  • The Butler Law: John T. Scopes Trial

    The Scopes Trial took place in 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. A group of teachers decided to test a law called the Butler Law. The Butler law made it illegal to teach the theory of evolution and instead mandated the biblical interpretation of creationism. The teachers felt that academic freedom and integrity as well as separation of church and state was at stake. Twenty four year old science teacher and football coach John T. Scopes would teach the class. Knowing he would be arrested Scopes taught…

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  • Scopes Monkey Trial

    opportunity for all would settle many disputes. Dayton, Tennessee, 1925 the “Scopes Monkey Trial” begins. John Thomas Scopes was allegedly accused of teaching evolution to his students in violation of a Tennessee State Law. The law, known as the Butler Act, prohibited public school teachers from teaching the Evolution Theory. Scopes was tried for teaching specifically Darwinism, the theory by which organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The…

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  • Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind

    Many people argue that love for family, a lover, or a career propels individuals forward in life by giving them a reason to succeed. However, this love may cause some people to become so obsessed that they lose sight of what transpires as truly important to them in life. Different types of love, such as romantic, family, and career, blind people from seeing clearly in life, and being able to obtain their goals and true purpose. Love for significant others acts as one of the most powerful forces…

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  • David Hume: The Importance Of Sentiment In Morality

    The Importance of Sentiment in Morality In this paper, I will argue that David Hume’s argument on morality is more persuasive than Thomas Hobbes’ argument due to the nature of sentiment that everyone carries. One of the key problems of Hobbes’ argument is that it assumes that everyone is unitary. Hobbes explained the State of Nature and the way people would react to it in a way where all the actors involved would make the obvious--rational--choice, however, this is not the case. Not all…

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  • Evolution Of Sexuality Analysis

    appropriate form of sexuality that should be backed by laws that punish those that diverge from it. Indeed, heteronormativity is founded on the assumptions that only male and female genders should exist and complement each other in a conjugal relationship (Butler, 1990). This hegemony has made it relatively…

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