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  • Alliteration In The Poem Africa And Flying Man By Rabindranath Tagore

    The poems Africa and Flying Man by Rabindranath Tagore show the negative effects of man-made destruction. The destruction is the way they have mistreated the people of Africa, as well as changing the way nature used to be, from the peaceful harmonious nature to inventing more modernised technologies, making man seem more arrogant. The focus of the two poems is how man has destroyed the earth with their actions, and the poet does this by using imagery and figurative language. In Africa, Tagore…

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  • Sailing To Byzantium Analysis

    Three Messages From Sailing to Byzantium The author of Sailing to Byzantium, William Butler Yeats was one of the most prolific poets of his day. He was from Ireland, but he moved to England once he figured out that England was the place to be. W.B. Yeats used his fantastic skills to write some of the best poetry out there. Adrian Paterson from The Irish Times states, “Yeats today is respected rather than loved.” This is an incredible feat to accomplish, to be so loved that you are respected is…

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  • Summary Of The Pomegranate By W. B. Yeats

    “There is a way of making free with the past”: W.B. Yeats’s “A Prayer for My Daughter” and Eavan Boland’s “The Pomegranate” as allegories for poetic legacy Throughout his long career as a writer, William Butler Yeats established a legacy as perhaps the most influential Irish poet of the twentieth century. He was an advocate for Irish Nationalism and one of the leaders of the Celtic revival movement. Through Yeats’s pastoral, mythic imagery and, later, his explorations of the country’s political…

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  • What Is Yeats Use Of Power?

    William Butler Yeats was one of the most prominent writers of the twentieth-century. Among his most famous poems on variety of subjects “Easter 1916” was one of the significant symbolic poems dedicated to the Irish freedom fighters. As Brich claims that, “Yeats served as a senator of the Irish Free State (2009)” so his writing had great impact in creating independent Irish society through his symbolic poem “Easter 1916”. Yeats saw poetic symbols as having power through both “pre-ordained…

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  • Ulysses And Proteus

    The Land and the sea James Joyce one of Irelands greatest writers considered his characters as ways of the reader seeing the world from a different perspective. In The Proteus chapter in Ulysses and in Dubliners Joyce questions the land and the sea and represents Irish life in his work. The idea of the sea against the land as some sort of border can be seen through Joyce’s characters Evelyn in Dubliners and Stephen in Proteus.(Joyce, Ulysses) The paralysis of Irish life is contemplated in…

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  • Comparing Love Poems

    is the analysis of William Butler Yeats’ love poem, another is the analysis of Anthony Ma’s love poem (SHEN, 2016, par. 1). I hope through the revision, the analysis could be concise with fewer and shorter words but clearly conveys my meaning. Additionally, the passages did not have a strong opening and mostly was to analyse the word choice and rhetorical appeals. Therefore,…

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  • Analysis Of To The Rose Upon The Rood Of Time

    Another of the earliest poems of William Yeats is “To The Rose Upon the Rood of Time”, published by the poet in 1893, and has its focus on, then again, mythology and folklore as a way to convey longing for the past. The poem focuses on a narrator, presumably Yeats himself, and his detachment and dispassion for contemporary life, resulting in his nostalgic longing for the past and to be part of the Irish ancient legends – to transcend the life of the ordinary man. The red rose is used by Yeats…

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  • Women In The Civil War Essay

    Women in the Civil War Women have dealt with many inconveniences over the years, but the Civil War is one of the greatest of them. Many roles of women included nurses, spies, soldiers, housewives, et cetera. Many other women stayed in their hometowns, whom were left lonely by their husbands and relatives who left for war. Some women were longing for adventure, claiming that they could do anything that a man could. Others believed it was only a man’s duty to fight on the battlefield. Other women…

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  • Who Is Octavia Butler's Kindred?

    Kindred is a science fiction book written by Octavia Butler which explores slavery, interracial relationships, family history, love, hate, and fear through time travel. The main character and narrator is Edana who goes by Dana, an African American woman newly married to Kevin who is white in 1976. Dana and Kevin have just moved from an apartment in Los Angeles to a home of their own a few miles away in Altadena. In the prologue Dana’s arm was crushed inside a wall in her home, and had to be…

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  • Religiosity In Marriage

    one that will affect nearly every person at some point in their life. Many studies have shown that marital satisfaction and religiosity are variables that influence each other (Ahmadi and Hossein-abadi, 2009; Brimhall and Butler, 2007; Chou, 2010; Hunler and Gencoz, 2005; Lambert and Dollahite, 2006; Orathinkall and Vansteenwegen, 2006). However, none of these studies have included perceived religiosity as a third variable. It is possible that an individual’s perception of their spouse’s…

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