William Butler Yeats Influence On Identity

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William Butler Yeats is a poet who is considered to be one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century (“William Butler Yeats”). “William was born in Ireland, June thirteenth, 1865. He had his first works at Dublin's Metropolitan School of Art while a student there. His early achievements in his life were The Wanderings of Oisin and Countess Kathleen. Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize for his Literature in 1923” (“William Butler Yeats Biography”). William Butler Yeats was not like most of the poets we view today. Yeats was also part of a group called the Anglo-Irish minority. Since the late seventeenth century the Irish minority controlled the social, economic, and political life of Ireland (“William Butler Yeats”). Yeats lived in London …show more content…
He had influences from his father John Butler Yeats and famous patriot O'Leary. He was born in Ireland but completed most of his work in London. He had his first publication at Dublin University Review in 1885. He had the love for a lady named Gonne who was very important to him in his life. His romantic poems really moved his readers with his clever words, themes, and moods. Based on all information presented we can understand where and when William Butler Yeats got his first publication, which was at Dublin University Review. It states Yeats met a famous patriot named John O'Leary locked up for exile revolutionary nationalistic activities basically giving us some background on John O’Leary. O’Leary in my point of view was an awesome guy because he convinced young writers to incorporate Irish topics to help grow the Irish literature. Another reason I view John O’Leary as a good person is that Yeats himself took John O’Leary’s advice, eventually growing himself as an Irish poet. Yeats loved a lady named Maud Gonne because he was attracted to her not only for her beauty but as an Irish native like him. Yeats had a famous poem called The Celtic Twilight. In this poem, Yeats amazed his readers with clever love themes and words as a romantic poet. We can understand that Yeats was serious about becoming an Irish poet because he and his family moved to London where he continued to develop as an Irish poet. Today many people consider Yeats to be a legend for all of his works as an Irish

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