The Theme Of Identity In The Great Gatsby

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In the story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we see a boy with an exraordinary work ethic who is striving to be the very best. As a young boy Gatsby wanted to have everything he didn't have at the time. He wanted money and status. While on his journey to obtain everything is cut short by by his strong physical attraction to Daisy. The majority of the people that Nick meets in New York have seemed to be caught up in their wealth and status. Nick describes Gatsby as different and unique from all the others. It is a struggle for Gatsby to find his true identity throughout the story. We see that from the beginning of the story that Jay was a poor farm boy and later in the story we see that he is one of the richest people in the …show more content…
When hard times enter Gatsby's life he does everything he can to make it better. In chapter 8 Gatsby claims that “She will call” right before his death. He was expecting the call as if she wanted to call him and he knew she was going to, but in reality she was wrestling with herself. He hopes that when she makes the call that they will make a plan to run away together. His extreme optimism blinds him from the truth of reality. His optimism blinds him from the fact that Daisy might run away with Tom without his knowledge. When he was with Daisy he acted very differently, but when they were separated she was all he thought about. Gatsby was so excited to meet Nick because he was Daisy's cousin. Gatsby wouldn't have to throw huge parties just to try and get Daisy to come over, like he had done for years. Gatsby's optimistic outlook on life wasn't something he just picked up one day, he had possessed this trait since childhood. He has always had the will and motivation to see something he wants and practically just take it because he knew he had to work hard to get it. Nick begins to notice Gatsby's optimistic ways of life and I'd concerned for

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