Appiah And Foucault's View Of Identity

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Growing up in a world where there is so much pressure to be successful, numerous people are frightened of being ostracized for being themselves. As a young child, completely care free, opinions of others or how they might look at me never crossed my mind. But the older we get, conforming to the rules became the norm, a drastic change occurred as a yearning for acceptance grew. In the articles by Bordo, Appiah and Foucault, readers can see a range of views presented as they elaborate further into the topic of identity. The debate between internal and external forces is examined in detail as the audience experiences the polar spectrum of their logic and the idea that we as people are ever changing. Change occurs every moment of everyday, whether we notice it or not. In Susan Bordo’s “Beauty (Re) discovers the Male Body”, she points out the effect of media on human’s views of genders, especially within the male species and how these advertisements changed our outlook on men. Breaking out of the ordinary, advertisements such as Calvin Klein took over and gave the world a fresh new perspective on what it means to be a man. In …show more content…
We cannot help our surroundings or how we were raised when we are younger because we have no control over it. When we grow older, it is important to recognize that you do have a choice and you can break away from that given opinion that you grew up with, like Appiah argues. In the spectrum between all three, I believe that I fit in most with Appiah’s point of view. We do not clearly realize the power within ourselves, but when we do, we can be unstoppable. I agree more with Appiah’s claim because he says that we can and should choose what affects us. Having those values, morals and mindset that you are in control of your life is essential to living a balanced life. No matter what roadblock may come in your way, you have the choice to make the situation

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