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  • Muslim Argumentative Essay

    argumentative essay is “Muslim.” It means a person who follows the religion of Islam. Islam began in Mecca and Media at the start of seventh century. According to history of Islam-Wikipedia, The Prophet Muhammad introduced Islam in 610 A.D. after receiving what he maintained to be “divine revelations.” Muhammad imposed the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. However, Muslim is used differently in different communities. People in the United States, especially most of the white people are…

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  • Honor Killing Research Paper

    Plausibly, the most important reason for opposing honor killing is religious. Most people plea that Islam is the cause of such shameful acts since there are a lot of killing cases done by Muslim people or in Islamic countries. Yet, according to Amin (2016 ), honor killing is not acceptable, and it is not mentioned in Quran or hadiths. Also, religious authorities disagree with it and forbid it. Iftikhar(2016) reported Imam Zaid Shakir who said that in Islam there is nothing called honor…

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  • Sturdiness Of Islam

    The Sturdiness of its Pillars and Women in Islam When the name Muhammad is mentioned what comes to one’s mind? Do you automatically think of a terrorist or a Muslim? Or maybe you know someone who is named Muhammad, which wouldn’t be uncommon since it is the most common given name to the Muslim people. For most people the word prophet would not be your first thought, but for a lot of people that is exactly what they think of. I feel the Muslim community has a bad reputation not just because…

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  • Minorities In The Media Research Paper

    What can unite a mix-pot country populated with individuals each with their own opinionated, patriotic views? A common enemy. Events like 9/11 and the terrorist group ISIS seem to have made Muslims America’s public enemy number one. Clearly, these horrific acts and heinous people do not mean that every single Muslim person in existence is a terrorist, plotting to kill all Americans. The fact that this is a common misconception among educated adults is ridiculous. Not every Muslim man is a rapist…

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  • Spread Of Christianity And Islam

    Those three being Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All three had a chosen person to help spread the word. In Islam there were many prophets but one stood out, Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad stood out because he was the final prophet in Islam and the Quran came out after he had passed. Islam was created by the Prophet Muhammad through the revelations he received from Allah. Firstly, to start off about the prophet was born in Mecca. Throughout his lifetime he was faced with many struggles.…

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  • Why Is ISIS Destroying Artifacts In Iraq

    posted a video that showed some of its members using construction tools such as sledgehammers and jackhammers, to demolish some of the ancient Assyrian artifacts within the Mosul Museum in Iraq. They claimed that they were commanded by the Prophet Muhammad and Allah and also claimed they were victims of history repeating itself, since according to them “This is what his companions did later on, when they conquered lands.” However this is just one of the latest acts of ISIS in their quest to…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Day I Coming To The United States

    I remember at a very young age my cousin was turned back to my house from the airport. I did not know why, all I knew was that something happened. I did not find out what happened until I came to the United States in 2006. My cousin was supposed to come to the United States in 2001, but as I later learned he could not because of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Moreover, what I was not aware that New York had so much diversity and there was anger in many American’s against Muslims. At…

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  • Child Beggars In Senegal

    Child Beggars in Senegal As people become more conscious of what is going on in other countries, some revelations can be shocking like in West Africa. For example, in Senegal, children are forced to beg but everything they earn is taken away by Quranic schools’ teachers. These child beggars live in horrible living conditions. There are some laws to help them out, but they still have a long way to come to actually have freedom. Children are forced to get money and food for their teachers. At that…

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  • Obama Classic Text

    Classic texts stay relevant. They’re ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences gives the text a dominant and famous position in society. To be intellectually and fundamentally captivating is what most texts in International Relations aim to achieve once published but only the intellectual landmark texts are recognised and acknowledged. Barack Obama, the new president at the time, delivered a speech at Cairo University in Egypt in some fashion. Undoubtedly, Obama’s linguistic use is very…

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  • Difference Between Hindu And Muslim Communalism

    Hindu and Muslim Communalism 1. Introduction “Hindus hear and enjoy the Azan as dusk falls, Muslims walk past and enjoy the smells of Hindu flowers and incense and the sounds of chants and temple bells — that is India, that is Indian secularism.” ---------- Dr. Subroto Roy Communalism and communal parties and organizations are an integral part of present day politics. Communalism is one of the most serious problems that Indian society is facing since her freedom from colonial rule. It is…

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