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  • Apollo 1 Fire Research Paper

    The tragedy of the Apollo 1 fire is the biggest counterpoint to one the United States’ most awesome achievements, the Apollo program. This program’s roots extend back into the 1800’s but truly became possible with the beginning of the Space Race. After the race for the Moon began with President Kennedy’s historic speech, America began heading for both victory and tragedy in the rush to be first to the Moon. In the sprint of the Apollo program, NASA overlooked the technical risks of the command…

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  • Comparing John Terraine's The Smoke And The Fire

    It can also be argued, however, that people have been unfair in criticising Haig and the generals in the way in which they had led the army. One source which came from a study called ‘The Smoke and the Fire’ was written by a military historian named John Terraine. His study had supported the fact that people were being unfair on Haig and the other generals. He described them as ‘ruddy-cheeked, bristling-moustached, heavy-jawed, frequently inarticulate generals,’ portraying the typical…

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  • Do The Fire Next Time Analysis

    The commons themes between the movie, Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee, and the book, The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, are a mix between the differences in races, their similarities, and the hope of them becoming equal. These two, throughout their entirety, keep referencing race and the differences in relations to each other. The difference in the color of a person’s skin does not make them inferior or superior to one another. This division is a product of society’s views and judgments placed…

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  • Hanging Fire By Audre Lorde Analysis

    The first stanza of “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde focuses on the physical characteristics of the speaker. A nameless teenager who is stuck in this prolonged delay before adulthood. She is in a conflict with both her love interest and mother and is engaging in self-deprecation regarding her appearance. “My skin has betrayed me” prefaces the main use of visual imagery in the first stanza which is “how come my knees are so ashy”. On first glance it would appear that this is just a self-inflicted…

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  • Comparing Up The Slide And To Build A Fire

    There will be one survivor. Who will it be? Jack London’s stories called “Up the Slide” and another “To Build a Fire”. Both of the main characters are trying to survive the dangerously cold weather in the Yukon Frontier temperatures. First in “Up The Slide” we have the main character Clay which he is a person that did not plan well for the Yukon Frontier weather and planned to be out in the wilderness for a half an hour. While he was in the wilderness he was smart about his time management “A…

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  • Pasadena Fire Department Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: This case involves Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) RA & Engine #33 responding to 500 N. Madison Ave., in regards to an unknown medical call. Upon their arrival to the residence, they knocked on the front door and there was no answer. Fearing that someone inside was having a serious medical emergency, they forced their way through one of the windows located north of the front door, damaging the lock and cracking another window during the process. EVIDENCE: I took a series of…

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  • Resilience In Garret Morgan's 'The Fire Breather'

    In the article, "The Fire Breather" Garret Morgan seems to have the trait of resilience. One time he shows this trait is when he first moves to Ohio and gets a bad job. "He took a job sweeping floors at a factory that made clothes, curtains, toys, and other items. In his spare time, he taught himself how to fix the factory's sewing machines. When he invented a way to keep the machines from breaking down, he got a promotion and a $150 dollar bonus"(Olsen 26) This is saying that he got a bad job,…

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  • NW Cahalan's Memoir, Brain On Fire

    Susannah Cahalan’s memoir, Brain On Fire, conveys her journey and struggle through a detrimental disease, in which she loses significant aspects of her core identity. The memoir exemplifies the theme that loss of identity yields self discovery, concentrating primarily on how her experiences shaped the progression of her life before and after her disease. When creating the found poem, I wanted to focus the ideas around Susannah’s struggle for her identity. I utilized repetition with the phrase,…

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  • Affirmative Action Under Fire Analysis

    Affirmative Action under Fire: When Is It Reverse Discrimination?, is an old news report regarding “reverse discrimination” in a New Jersey high school in 1989. The school board of Piscataway, New Jersey had to choose between one of two teachers, one African American and one Caucasian, to be fired. The dilemma was that the two teachers, Debra Williams and Sharon Taxman, were both equally qualified and have worked for the same amount of time. In the end, the school board decided to fire Sharon…

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  • The Trial Of Thomas Build The Fire Analysis

    believe there's a sense of family and community on the reservation. “A drug called tradition”, “This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona”, “The only traffic signal on the reservation doesn’t flash red anymore” and“The trial of Thomas Builds-the- fire”. In a “drug called tradition” we see a strong bond between the native americans as they say a goodbye to the whites,for instance, “We dance in circles growing larger and larger until we are standing on the shore,watching all the ships…

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