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  • Petrobras Case Study

    Petrobras is a Brazilian oil company that was created by the Brazilian government in 1953. For the first decade Petrobras struggled to be successful despite being given a constitutional monopoly by the Brazilian government. Brazil did not have any oil reserves or the knowledge in oil exploration, and the goal for Petrobras was to become a world class oil producer. Petrobras began to see success in the 1980s when they developed deep water and ultra-deep oil production. This new technology…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

    Imagine a forest with unnatural beauty: trees with thick, green leaves, healthy wildlife, and clear water from streams. Now imagine that same exact forest with the Keystone XL Pipeline running through it: wilted and discolored leaves, sick wildlife, and streams smothered in black oil. There was an article published, arguing that the pipeline should be built because it is the safest way to move tar sands oil, does not affect the environment and climate, and creates effective jobs. However, the…

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  • Free Public College: A Case Study

    and the government will lose any thing. For instance, Apple gains $44.8 billion a year. If we take 5% of Apple profit and pay tuition for student, the company won’t loss any thing because 5% compare it to $44.8 is small number. Another example is ExxonMobil gains $32.5 billion a year. We can take from it 4% as we did with Apple. Not only the big companies is require to help college student, but also banks have to support them and pay also a small percentage of their profit. Moreover, Bank of…

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  • Importance Of Environmental Conservation Essay

    Amidst growing concerns about climate changes that owes it occurrence to global warming due to the gradual destruction of the environment by human beings, we are aware of the fact that we are the culprits and victims at the same time. It is by the wise words of men like former governor of Wisconsin and co-founder of Earth Day who once said, "The ultimate test of man 's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard,"…

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  • The Machiavellian Justice System

    the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism.” In reality ALEC is an organization that manipulates laws and create laws so their members can profit from those laws. Their memberships are made up of business such as AT&T and ExxonMobil. ALEC even profited off the tough on crime bill. The tough on crime bill gave 8.7 million dollars to build and operate new prisons. This allowed members of ALEC to create new contracts to gain revenue off of prisons. Rather they were buying…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Marine Conservation

    Despite their intentions, a majority of marine conservation acts passed by Congress have not been enforced properly or are ignored entirely. Some environmentalists argue that we as citizens are to blame because we are too busy with our personal lives to care about the environment—most of us don’t recycle, utilize alternative sources of energy, or think twice about the detrimental effects that our lifestyles and everyday habits have on the oceans, let alone any other ecosystem or even the Earth,…

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  • Lotus Eaters Case Study

    Introduction What are the damages wrought by oil spills? The answer appears painfully simple however it affirms itself through argument less than through visceral photographs: pelicans suffocating in oil, masterpieces of oil laden water, people like surgeons in gloves and masks cleaning the shorelines. We may think that, as suggested by Tatjana Soli (2010) in The Lotus Eaters, “pictures [cannot] be accessories to the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one…

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  • Worksheet On Climate Change

    Climate Change Script For this presentation my group and I will be covering the topic of how the issue of climate change can be resolved. In the state of Florida climate change has increased the rate of sea level rising; which threatens coastal ecosystems and infrastructures, coastal water supply and wastewater treatment, increases the risk of flooding, and much more. Although the effects of climate change primarily affect the southern region of Florida; the effects stretch out to the entire…

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  • AT & T Case Analysis

    services in the United States. Apart from the telephone services, the company is a major provider of broadband television subscription services. AT&T is the third-biggest organization in Texas, that is, the biggest non-oil organization, behind just ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. Furthermore, it is the largest organization in Dallas (Mootee, 2015). As of May 2014, AT&T was the 23rd-biggest…

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  • The Climate Wars By Michael Mann Analysis

    serves as Michael Mann’s line of personal defense and vindication. His novel is as much of an appeal of his own decency as it is a validation of climate change and its supporters. Mann effectively dismantles counter-arguments and reveals climate change deniers’ unstable footing on unjustified grounds. Most of his antagonists supplement political backwash and unsound science in order to fabricate a viable alternative stance. Michael Mann utilizes a powerful arsenal of defense; he follows the…

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