Utilitarianism And Consequentialism In Nigeria

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Business was started by Shell in Nigeria in 1937 as Shell darcy and was given a license of exploration .Olioberi was the first commercial oil field discovered in the Niger Delta. Prior to discovery of oil, Nigeria depended on agricultural exports to other countries. The largest fossil fuel company in Nigeria is Shell Petroleum Development Company, which operates over 6000 kms. The villages’ individuals surrounding facilities of oil production occasionally drill holes into pipelines for purposes of arresting oil and transferring it illegally out of Nigeria (Begby, 2012). His procedure called oil bunkering is projected to cost Nigeria as much as 400000 barrels. In the finishing of oil theft operation, the pipeline is left open which
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Utility is related to the well being of sentient entities. According to Jeremy Bentham, it has been defined as the pleasure derived after deducting suffering. Not only the quantity but also the quality of leisure is notified. A lot of persons have rejected that pleasure has only positive value and no negative consequences. Some have defined it as preference satisfaction (Carmichael, 2012). Utilitarianism is a feature of consequentialism, which tells that the results of action are the only benchmark. The consequentialism can be differentiated with virtue ethics which holds virtue as a moral good. Utilitarianism proponents have been broken about whether individual acts should conform to utility. Whether utility should be calculated as aggregate or average must be …show more content…
It is pertinent to those laws it makes for itself. According to Kant’s suggestion, people must treat themselves and others always as ends and never only as means. People ought to act only by maxims. Making reasonable judgement, we can apply this formula to any maxim (Cronshaw, 2012). There are few irrationalities and contradictions. Few acts are forbidden such as lying because it destroys the trust among humans. Saying false things must never be done although in the practical world, this has to happen as we tend to speak false sometimes. Humanity is the most important. Whatever be the rules, it is humanity which is going to be saved first. If a book is stolen from a friend, I am treating my friend only as a means. Everybody utilizes people as means to an end. However, manipulating people to obtain what we desire and consistently disrespecting their human worth is thoroughly against the moral law (Crowther,

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