Economic efficiency

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  • Ucl Jurisprudence Analysis

    Subject: Jurisprudence. Other related subjects: Economics Keywords: Economics and law; Jurisprudence; Morals and law; Wealth distribution *UCL Juris. Rev. 241 ‘Economic analysis’ is an unfortunate term for a theory that explains how humans should, and on the whole do, make rational choices in a world of limited resources. Economics is concerned with material wealth, transactions of property, and is regarded as amoral. To many, economics and the economic approach to law are just the mechanics…

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  • Disadvantages Of Utilitarianism

    the greater number of people. This is in line with what J.S Mills stated in Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism has to account for “long-term pleasure” and not merely acts that bring “immediate gratification”. The “long-term pleasure” here refers to the economic growth, and consequently a higher standard of living for the society. Hence, allowing automation to make decisions for human would be considered ethical, as it brings about a greater pleasure for the greater number of people and not just…

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  • Environmental Economics: An Example Of Environmental Issues In Berengaria

    This case has provided its readers with a perfect example of environmental economics. Our lecture notes describe environmental economics as an approach that recognizes market failures regarding the environment and studies how we can take collective action to fix environmental problems in a cost effective manner. This economic utilitarian concept involves high amounts of government intervention in hopes to legally force polluters to sustainably manager their pollution levels. This is exactly what…

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  • Adam Smith Economic Development Analysis

    Adam Smith’s Theory of Economic Development According to Hunt (2002), Smith’s introduction of his theory revolves around the fact that the manner in which humans produce and redistribute the material necessities of life determines the personal and class relationship within society. While there are several concepts that explain the progression of this theory, our attention is directed mainly to three aspects: the four stages of economic development, the division of labor, and the establishment…

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  • Difference Between Industrial And Small Scale Agriculture

    collective research and development of new technologies that aid in small farm production efficiency. In Russia they they shifted from an industrial design to smaller grouped farms and one market outcome was a lag period of inefficiency due to lack of proper equipment availability (Sabates-Wheeler). From Russia we can learn that more equipment sharing cooperation will allow for quicker gains from efficiency because without the right tool every job is more difficult and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Trade

    Introduction Before discussing the benefits and drawbacks of free trade, I would like to explain the meaning of “free trade”. Free trade is a trade where countries carries out economic activities without restrictions or barrier such as import and export tariffs, barrier to market entry and policies. There are several main features of free trade.These main features are the benefits of free trade,as for me: Free movement of labour and capital among countries. Free movement of labour and…

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  • The Characteristics Of The Dunning Model Of FDI

    several characteristics. The rationalities motivating firms to take in charge the FDI have prompted and take in international business for four decades now. Motives of FDI The dunning classified four motives: 1: Resource seeking 2: Market Seeking 3: Efficiency Seeking 4: Strategic asset seeking Resource seeking firms are prompting for investment internationally to take over specific resources add a lower cost than there domestic country. Dunning differentiate three types of resource seeker.…

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  • Analysis Of Micro And Macro Environment Of Burger King

    INTRODUCTION Business Environment includes Micro and Macro Environment. The External factors includes the economic factors; demographics; legal, political, and social conditions; technological changes; and natural forces (, 2017). Micro environment of business includes competitors, customers, suppliers, Public, marketing intermediaries, workers and their union. The micro environment of the organisation consists of those elements which are controllable by the management…

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  • The Problem Solution To The Problem Of Global Warming

    atmosphere and ocean temperatures, and it is a significant problem because it affects the way that we live. Going energy efficient is just one of many proposed solutions to the problem of global warming. Going more energy efficient interacts with economics and politics, as well as other factors. If the world goes more energy efficient, it could help reduce the changes that come from global warming. Humans activities have produced greenhouse gases both indirectly and directly, this is commonly…

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  • The Importance Of Economic Policy

    roughly 22% of the world’s nominal GDP in 2014 [1]. Its stability and efficiency is paramount to the economies of other countries. For example, as seen from the recent financial crisis of 2007-2009, a slowdown in the U.S. economy can have significant implications and detrimental spillovers to many of the world economies. Hence, to analyze other world economies successfully, it is imperative to have a firm understanding of their economic dependence with the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy is…

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