Economic efficiency

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  • The Spread Of Ideas

    The spread of ideas, connecting individuals, and economic efficiency and trade are just a few of the particular reasons globalization is an important benefit to the world. The spread of ideas is when concepts from a particular country or culture are spread around the world and adopted by other countries. These concepts can spread through almost anything, but the most common ones include stories, movies,…

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  • Importance Of Circular Economy

    The circular economy is defined as an economic system that revolves around the processes of recycling, reusing and recovery of materials (Kirchherr J, Reike D, Hekkert M 229.) CE (circular economy) was first introduced as a concept in 1989 by environmental economists David W. Pearce and R. Kerry Turner and has recently been adopted by a number of countries. In 2015, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden and Scotland agreed on CE legislation (Braw. E). The circular economy is a relatively new…

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  • Importance Of Public Transport

    Transport is the foundation of urban life. It is one of the variable which decides the shape and financial advancement of a city. Mobility and accessibility by the transportation system have been a noteworthy part in moulding nations, affecting the area of social and monetary action, the shape and size of urban communities, and the style and pace of life by encouraging trade facilities, allowing access to individuals and assets (resources), and empowering more noteworthy economies of scale,…

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  • Maritime Industry Case Study

    2.3.1. ECONOMIC BARRIERS - MARKET BARRIERS As discussed previously, market barriers are obstacles that contribute to the slow diffusion and adoption of energy efficiency measures and before them, companies behave rationally (Brown 2001; Sorrell et al., 2004; Rehmatulla and Smith 2015a). Market barriers include: • Credit constraints and capital costs: high initial payments implied by the adoption of new technologies to be installed on ships during the shipbuilding process and the implementation…

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  • Microfinance Case Study

    Other than ratio analysis, Data Envelopment analysis (DEA), a non parametric technique and Stochastic Frontier Analysis, a parametric and econometric model are the two alternative approaches available for efficiency analysis of financial institutions. Currently, majority of studies on the performance of MFI (e.g. Tucker and Miles 2004, Koveos and Randhawa, 2004) are based on financial ratios identical to those used to measure performances in banking, e.g.,…

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  • Pareto Optimality

    optimum which can also be referred to as Pareto efficient allocation means that it is impossible to try to make someone better off without making someone else worse off. Pareto efficiency refers to the maximization…

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  • Free Market Economic System

    The cartoon depicts a market economic system. It highlights the key factors which can influence the entire economic system of a country. The “chop” represents the resources required for the different enterprises (represented by the people seated at the table) to compete. The cartoon also shows that there are limited resources and that each enterprise has to work fast, and smart to succeed. It also highlights the fact that even though all the enterprises are given an equal chance, some are at a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Having A Mixed Economy

    the ideal economic system for a country. Privatization would facilitate the idea of having a mixed economy, but nevertheless, the government should have some rules and regulations, more like Laissez-faire. Laissez-faire is the idea that the government should leave decisions the market and according to Adam Smith, the government's interference should be limited to public health, national defense, etc (Samuelson &Nordhaus, 2010). By having that, there will be efficiency, equity, and economic…

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  • Government Budget Deficit Argument Analysis

    truth table, if a premise is true but the conclusion is false, the argument is false. In the given argument, “If the federal government budget deficit increases” is the premise, and “there will be decreased long-run economic growth” is the conclusion”; therefore, if the long-run economic growth does not decreases when there’s an increased federal government budget deficit, the argument is false. The implicit assumption is if the government budget deficit increases, government will spend less…

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  • Opportunity Cost Theory In Health Care

    Every healthcare organization in our country relies on financial and economic gains. In other words, without these two important factors, no healthcare facility would ever survive. For example, healthcare facilities rely on these supplies, staff and the proper financial knowledge to be available. The price and amount of healthcare supplies are rising, which in turn can increase the cost of healthcare (Kabene et al.). In fact, in non-profit hospitals like Yale New Haven, it is important to have…

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