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  • My Political Cycle

    A house divided against itself cannot stand, and America is currently divided. This is not to say as a country we have not always been divided politically ,but in the recent election the divisiveness has become glaring. People have stopped being friends with others, disowned relatives, boycotted businesses, and even gotten divorced over the anger they feel about opinions other people hold. The anger attached to this cycle is palpable and is the root of the problem. This cannot be blamed on one…

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  • Donald Trump Totalitarianism

    Editing information, another aspect of totalitarianism, is terrifyingly prevalent in the 2016 election. Donald Trump, the forty-fifth President of the United States, has had one of the most controversial campaigns in history. Many question how he moved from a life of hosting TV shows to the White House so easily. The answer is simple: his use of falsehoods to psychologically manipulate the public. Trump’s presidency has been full of lies. Whether you are a supporter or not, it is clear that he…

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  • Summary Of The Only Way To Keep The Internet Free

    “The Only Way to Keep the Internet Free” Author, Besty McCaughey’s article, “The Only Way to Keep the Internet Free,” illustrates Hilary Clinton’s ideas with her internet policies and what ICANN proposes. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN will basically have full control and power over the internet, meaning that they may grant or deny any web addresses they please. Obama, as well as Hilary, of course, supports this policy and believes that it will…

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  • What Is Donald Trump's Inaugural Address?

    In the article USA Today we have one author's opinion and interpretation of Donald Trump’s inaugural speech last Friday. The article claims that this was Donald Trump’s first time to address the voters who did not vote for him, which is at the up most correct. However, the outlook of the speech might not have been as bad as some are lead to believe unless you witnessed first hand on the television and made your own educated interpretation and assumption. Dictating on how someone, especially the…

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  • Trump's Birtherism

    For some, Donald Trump's birtherism claim was no laughing matter in the past, but Barack Obama is apparently getting the last laugh, according to a new report. Former President Barack Obama hosted the first day of the Obama Foundation Summit on Tuesday. The event spans over two days. And, as he often did in the past to break the ice with large crowds, Obama turned to humor -- at President Donald Trump's…

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  • Bernie Sanders Should Be President

    Bernie Sanders will be President in 2016 Bernie Sanders will win the 2016 election. He has great experience that backs him up. Although the other Democrat candidate shares most of the same political views as Sanders, she does not have the credibility or respect needed to win; and none of the Republicans are serious candidates. Bernie Sanders is the future of America because he is capable of leading this country in the right direction and should be the next president of the United States because…

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  • Make America Great Again

    ‘Make America great again’ was the slogan he so fondly expressed time and time again during his run for presidency. Donald Trump the businessman come politician was a man driven by power and wealth. Born during the summer of 1946 in the finance capital of the world, New York City, Trump was the second youngest of five children to parents Mary and Frederick Trump. Following in the footsteps of his father, who started out in construction work prior to becoming a real estate millionaire, Trump…

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  • Trump's Role In Modern Day Politics

    Our 45th president, Donald J. Trump, actively posts on Twitter. Likened to a tool, Twitter is the medium Trump utilizes to connect with the electorate, correct the record, and send out immediate opinions. Twitter is not a new player in the political arena—however, Trump’s frequent use of the platform is new, at least for politicians. His tweets have drawn much attention from the mainstream media and citizens alike, leading an accruement of approximately 25 million followers. Looking past…

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  • NAFTA In Canada

    result of NAFTA and the rest of the free trade agreements that have taken place over time. Several bilateral issues between the United States and Canada have now been fixed. However, what made Canada nervous were the bold claims made by candidate Donald Trump over the course of his campaign, and the…

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  • Analysis Of Donald Trump's Inauguration

    ours after Donald Trump’s Inauguration, a post appeared on the official White House petitions page, demanding that he release his tax returns. In only a few days, it gathered more signatures than any previous White House petition. The success of the Women’s March had shown that themed protests could both mobilize huge numbers of people and hit a nerve with the President. On Easter weekend, roughly a hundred and twenty thousand people protested in two hundred cities, calling for him to release…

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