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  • Fuzzy Logic Controller Case Study

    Kp= 2.1180, b = 1365.2.) Fig.10. System responses of Test 1 (L = 10.0 mH, vdc = 450 V, i∗=0.333 pu) when there is a step change in χ from 25.5 to 16. (χ = 25.5, Kp=3.0894, b = 2024.7; χ = 16, Kp= 2.0642, b = 1328.6.) B. (Test 2) Adapt System Damping to Solar Irradiation When solar irradiation increases, the PV array would equip the PV inverter with more voltage.The output current of the PV inverter should be increased to acquire more power from the PV array. To relieve the tracking error…

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  • Notes: The Basic Theory Of Power Transfer Network

    of FACTS controller. Active power control To control the reactive power, we connect the capacitor in transmission line but increasing capacitor active power is also increase. But after some time there is no effect of increased active power. Damping oscillation If suddenly load is increased the frequency of supply is decreasing. But decrease in frequency there is an affect the power transmission line. there is oscillation in system so we need to damped this oscillation by compensating…

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  • Ramie Fiber Case Study

    3. Results and discussion 3.1. Grafting of CNT on the ramie fabric The schematic representation for the mechanism of ramie fiber surface treatments is shown in Fig. 2. For the alkali treatment of ramie fiber, the NaOH reacts with the hydroxyl groups of the ramie fiber as shown in Fig. 2(a). During silane treatment, the hydrolysis of silane takes place initially (Fig. 2(b)) which then reacts with the active hydroxyl functionalities in ramie fiber (Fig. 2(c)). Each silane molecule has three…

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  • Equation Of Volumetric Nanoparticle Fractions

    Because of the static configuration is a stable one, in the absence of streaming, the density of the upper fluid be lighter than the density of the lower one. The basic unperturbed flows have uniform velocities and . The two fluids are dielectrics and having the uniform dielectric constants and . The two fluids are influenced by an oblique electric field at the interface between the two media, according to: (2.1) where…

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  • Golf Club Physics

    materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, wood, and others. Different materials are chosen for different parts of the golf based on their mechanical properties, such as strength, elasticity, formability, impact resistance, friction, damping, density, and…

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  • Case Study Of Rotor And Touchdown Bearing Models

    "e" _"r" "≤" "c" _"r" " and " "F" _"r" "≤0 " )┤ (15) where "K" is the contact stiffness between the rotor and inner race, and "α" is a contact parameter that for steel ranges between 0.08 and 0.2 [22]. Numerical values for the stiffness and damping of the contact between the rotor and inner race are given in Table 1. In Equation (15), "δ" is the penetration of the rotor in the inner race and can be obtained as follows: "δ=" "e" _"r" -"c" _"r" (16) where "c" _"r" is the radius of the…

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  • Automatic Car Parking System Essay

    Development of an Automatic Car Parking System Abstract—This Paper proposes the development of an Automatic Car Parking System imparting performance. This proposed framework uses sensors, electric power steering, path planning, path tracking and pure pursuit algorithm. The verification of the vehicle was demonstrated using the electric power steering for tracking the path. An ultrasonic sensor is used to determine the availability of the parking space. Drivers can uses user interactive interface…

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  • Blood Flow Rate Lab Report

    In the natural kidney, most components of the blood are first filtered out using ultrafiltration, and then the essential nutrients like glucose, amino acids, etc. and electrolytes like Na, K, Cl, HCO, Ca, Mg, etc. and water are reabsorbed by passive, active, or facilitated transport. The waste products are reabsorbed and therefore are excreted in the urine. The artificial kidney device called hemodialyzers removes excess waste from the blood using the principle of dialysis. The cleansed blood…

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  • How Alcohol Affects The Body

    Alcohol is a damping substance shows in the fact the slowdown of the body 's functions. Substance withholds the mind and prevents it from being able to think basically. Some of the teenagers drink alcoholic to have fun or to feel happy. On the other hand, teenagers drink to copy a family member or friend. The legal drinking age in the United States of America is twenty-one now. The government should raise the legal drinking age to twenty-five years; because of the harmful effects on the brain,…

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  • Five Forces Analysis Of Gazprom

    During the process of strategy development it is important to have an appropriate knowledge about external factors. There are two main approaches to be used to a better knowledge about it. The first one is an analysis of general requirement that consists of six dimensions: political, economic, social, technical or technological, environmental, and legal (so-called PESTEL which is an acronym of these segments) and analysis of the organization’s microenvironment. Porter’s Five-Forces Analysis of…

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