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  • Scrooge In Dickens Stave 5, By Charles Dickens

    Dickens makes a positive aura around the Christmas feeling as of Stave 1, he makes the Stave full of energy as when Scrooge wakes up he is suddenly buzzing with energy and is as “light as a feather” and runs to the window where a young boy is shocked to know that Scrooge doesn’t know what day it is. Scrooge pays the boy to get the poultries and to buy the prize turkey which he delivers to Bob Cratchits as anonymous. The Stave is significant to the story as it shows that if someone as miserly as…

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  • The Movie: Robinson Crusoe

    Robinson Crusoe is a novel that took place about the times of the the 17th century and even earlier. Robinson Crusoe was born into a wealthy family and was born in Great Britain. Robinson Crusoe was widely liked and well respected, but not just to his people, but the whole town that knew of him really enjoyed having him around. Crusoe was always wanting to becoming an explorer that travels the seven seas and tries to make a living out of it. Although his father didn’t approve of it he still…

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  • Hedonism In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

    “The picture of Dorian Gray” was originally published in Lippincots monthly magazine in June 1890. The novel is gothic melodrama, with elements of the comedy of manners-genre and is written according to the end of the Victorian era. Crafted in brilliant prose, the book is of lasting importance, as a singular example of Wilde’s wit and satirical talents. The reader follows the tale of Dorian Gray, a young man, who is corrupted and poisoned by the influences around him as his soul decays. Being…

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  • Analysis Of Crime, Guilt And Innocence By Charles Dickens

    The plot is set among marshes in Kent, in London, in the early to mid-1800s. The novel is introduced by the introduction of the hero of the novel Pip who an orphan, who lives his sister & her husband, Joe Gargery, who is the village Blacksmith. The theme Crime, Guilt & Innocence is very much propound in the novel as its first evidence can be traced when he meets an escaped convict in the marshes who forces him to steal some food and a file from Joe’s forge. Mr. Gargery had always been a good…

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  • Role Of Environmental Advocacy

    Introduction Advocacy is a term that describes working to influence public policy in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres in order to bring about justice and positive societal change in human rights and environmental issues (Environmental Paradigms, 2016). At present, the human race is facing many challenging truths around global legacy. Whether the current generation chooses to live sustainably by conserving resources and nurturing Earth’s biodiversity and protecting the air and…

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  • Different Types Of Foils In Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

    to highlight a character’s traits is to create a foil. A foil is a character that contrasts with another, typically the protagonist, in order to bring out certain qualities of the more central character. Throughout the novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, many pairs of foils add to the storyline, bringing out qualities in others that make the story more convincing. For example, the protagonist’s foil is his closest friend. Another pair of foils include the two women who are…

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  • The Most Handsome Drowned Man In The World By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    There a couple of key aspects you should keep in mind when reading fiction to interpret the full meaning of the work. One of these elements is the internal and external journeys that are present in most stories. An external journey is something a character does that can be observed, such as a boy throws a tantrum when he gets mad, and an internal journey is what a person thinks and feels inside that is difficult to notice just by looking at the person, such as a teenager who is bitter over the…

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  • Bird Swarm Algorithm Analysis

    BIRD SWARM ALGORITHM: BSA is a new meta-heuristic swarm intelligence algorithm proposed by Xian-Bing Meng [35] , inspired by social behavior and interaction of birds. Different birds gather food in different ways. Foraging is the searching for food resources or gathering food either for immediate consumption or future storage. Birds forage in flocks because they gather more information in flocks than their own intelligence. Group foraging boost-up the chances of detecting predators. While…

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  • The Theme Of Family In Hard Time's Family

    Hard Time's Family The novel Hard Time shows a literate history and view of life in the town of Coketown in England During Industry age. The novel concentrate highly on the value of family. The legal familes in Hard TImes were emepty of the feeling of love and the sense of being family members. Families like the industries were machinized during the Vicotrian era. Family was not more than a factory. In the house of Mr. Grandgrind, stone lodge, every thing was going according to…

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  • Moralistic Themes In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

    Themes from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens In the timeless tale, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens focuses upon the extreme transformation of a character named Ebenezer Scrooge. The fact that several moralistic themes can be applied throughout the novel confirms why it is a classic. The first significant alteration of Scrooge’s character occurred when he was a young man, as he became increasingly involved in the occupation of business, where wealth and assets are subjects of…

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