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  • Physical Abuse In My Childhood

    In my childhood I have experienced both delightful and detrimental moments. Growing up in a median income scale neighborhood brought many challenges. The challenge of being a minority in a dominant Caucasian area was harsh. My family consisted of one male older sibling, one young female sibling, father and mother. My brother and I underwent many different forms of child abuse. Physical The most constant form of abused experienced by me was physical abuse. I grew up in a machismo household where…

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  • Essay On California Condor

    A bird that looks like a giant vulture does not usually have charisma nor hold a place in people’s hearts. There is one bird that seems to have transcended this prejudice, inspiring enough passion to create panic at the idea of its extinction. This bird is the Gymnogyps californianus or better known as the California condor. When its numbers began to drop in the mid-20th century, a frenzy began in order to understand why it was disappearing and attempt to bring it back. With the dedication of…

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  • Livestock Production And Climate Change

    compiled by Kamra (2005). On the other hand with studies on meta-transcriptomic, there were as high as 23 genera of methanogenic archaea present in the rumen of buffaloes (unpublished data). The methanogenic archaea are reported in the rumen of sheep and cattle in sufficiently large numbers varying from 107 to 109 cells/ml of rumen liquor depending upon the type of diet given to the animals, especially the fibre content in the ration. These archaea play a vital role in the rumen of scavenging…

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  • What Are The Main Goals Of The Holocaust

    Starvation: Jews were kept on rations often only one-third or one-fourth of what is allowed to non-Jews. Deportation: Hundreds of thousands of Jews were packed into cattle cars without proper essentials (Food, Water, or Sanitary Conveniences). When the cars would arrive at the destination, about a third of the passengers were dead. They also had specifically structured trucks where the Jews were asphyxiated by carbon…

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  • Violence Against Women Research

    There are other services that are available to women; one of the most important involves violence prevention. It appears that over half of the interviewed women have been threatened at some point in their lives, 55% have been abused physically, 34% have been victimized financially, and 17% are victims of sexual violence (Ba-Obaid, M., & C.J.H. Bijleveld, C.). Women have to take the precautions of not going out at night and always having someone accompany them. The UN High Commission for Refugees…

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  • Relationship Between Human And Nature

    After experiencing the pollution caused by the industrial revolution, human brought back the fear and respect to nature. As a result, human began to find a balance between social development and nature to achieve sustainability, in other words, to achieve the persistent of both human and nature. This essay will explore the importance of human-nature relationship for moving towards sustainability by firstly looking through the meaning of sustainability and nature. Then, it would be argued that…

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  • Seeds Of Death Analysis

    1. The title of the film is Seeds of Death and it was released in 2012. The documentary’s purpose is to educate the public on what truly is in the food they eat. Furthermore, it attempts to show the impacts of this and call for a change. The film expounds on the evils of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. It uses analysis for experts to illustrate the lethal health effects of these products on animals. The documentary then explains how these same effects have been seen in humans. GMO’s…

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  • How Does Organic Farming Affect The Environment

    organic growing. Literally billions of people would be hurt if all farming practices switched over to this pseudoscientific ideology of organic farming. Jonathon Jahner -a farm boy and an Advanced Biology teacher- has this to say about organic farming feeding the world: “there is no conceivable way that organic farming could feed our world today. Conventional farming is how we are going to feed the world- it’s what we put research into and it’s what we are good at” (Miller). Mr. Jahner is not…

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  • The Importance And Origin Of Diversity In Species

    control of climate, pollination and treatment of microbial waste. Dung Beetles, play an important role in agriculture. They digest manure, which they use as a source of nutrition, which improves nutrient cycling, soil structure and forage growth in cattle feeding areas (Yoshihara and Sato, 2015). Beetles, such as Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus, also play a vital part in pollination. They feed on aphids and act as a pest control which reduces the usage of insecticides but promotes pollination due…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Industrial Agriculture

    acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice.” The concept to “feed the world” is not our concern, instead our efforts should turn to supporting communities in feeding ourselves. Protecting and supporting local agriculture in Kentucky is a fundamental predictor for a healthy, food-secure…

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