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  • Why Did Scrooge Really Change My Life?

    Have you ever see ghosts that showed you the future, present, and past. Well, Scrooge has seen a ghost! Scrooge was scared of the first ghosts. It is his old CO worker warning him to listen to the ghost carefully, or he will become like him in a couple of days. Scrooge was starting to freak out when the second ghost scared him to death. The ghost showed him his friends and his girlfriend and how he treated him. After he sat in his chair, the third ghost watched his CO worker celebrate…

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  • Theme Of Christmas In Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

    Scrooge, the main protagonist, doesn't appreciate Christmas; 'bah humbug' and 'A squeezing, wrenching, gasping, clutching, covetous, old sinner'. ( First quote shows his hatred towards Christmas, the other shows his personality). Where as, if we take Bob Cratchit, the clerk working for Scrooge, he enjoys and appreciates Christmas and the festive season very much. Starting on the basis of the entirety of the Cratchit family; they are poor- not a rarity in the Victorian era; 'dressed out but…

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  • Charlie Donner Quotes From The Bakery

    In the beginning of the story, Charlie is motivated by his desire to have friends and be socially accepted by others. However, as his intelligence rapidly increases, his social relationships seem to suffer even more. This leads to Charlie being fired from the bakery. Charlie was fired from the bakery because he had upset all his other coworkers and they wanted a change. Charlie forced Mr. Donner to make a change because he has to hold his business together. On page 104 Mr. Donner says "But…

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  • When False Representations Ring True Analysis

    Authenticity is supposed to have a moral and motivation to do the right thing. I often see authenticity as sometimes black and white but then again sometimes I see it as shades of grey throughout the situation. When I look at person and they have done wrong but yet something good came out of it I see it as shades of grey. Yes, they have done something wrong, but it came with a good outcome. Authenticity has diverse meanings and definitions but I think authenticity means having integrity, having…

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  • How Did Bob Dylan Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    Assassination of our beloved president John F. Kennedy. There were anti-war protests, anti-racism acts and marches that went for miles. One of the most known people involved in these events was the one and only, Bob Dylan. His career was a big impact on young people of the 1960’s It started when Bob Dylan begun listening to Little Richard ( a rock ‘n’ roll artist from the late 50’s early 60’s) and imitating him while he was a teenager. (source 1) This is one of the places where he got his…

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  • Watergate Seven Scandal

    The U.S. is said to have undergone a transformation of political culture in the early 1970’s. The Watergate hotel break-in at the Democratic campaign headquarters led directly to the White house. In 1972, President Nixon was seeking a second term and was facing Democrat George Mcgovern. Nixon was unsure that he would be re-elected, so he put in place several groups of specialized unlawful men to gather and uncover as much information that he could use against his opponent and party. Cover-ups,…

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  • Comparing The Lorax 'And Jabberwocky' By Lewis Carroll

    There are many pieces of literature that are written in a very beautiful and sophisticated manner. There are many poems and stories that feel similar or you feel like the main character is trying to do the same thing. After you feel like something is similar between two pieces of literature you start to compare and contrast them . One of the many amazing pieces of literature are The poem Jabberwocky(written by Lewis Carroll) and a book called The Lorax( written by Dr.Seuss.) Both poems have a…

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  • A Comparative Analysis Of Pop And Hip-Hop/R & B

    1) I think the music of today will be described by historians of the future like it always has been in the past. Our music today is a reflection of the lives led by the people making the music and also a reflection of the lives led by the intended group which the musicians are trying to reach and influence. People tend to say that they believe historians will view today's music as different and more risky than music of the past, which is true, but that is no different than how historians have…

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  • A Comparison Of Simon And Garfunkel's Sound Of Silence

    “The wise musicians are those who play what they can master” (Ellington, 2017). The 1960’s were a decade of cultural calamity which with saw the premature political gripes of racial discrimination and ethnic values. Witnessing the implications of constitutional instability through the social revolution, songs of social commentary demonstrated expressionism of outdated morals through emphasis of lyrical progression. While various genres mirror the social ideals of an artist’s philosophies; as…

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  • Child Abuse In Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade

    Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade is a brilliant Academy Award winning film that he not only directed himself, but was also the star actor. The movie was released in November of 1996 by Miramax Films, an American company known for independent and foreign films.1 Some other famous cast member includes country star Dwight Yoakam, and J.T. Walsh known from the film A Few Good Men. Sling Blade was an expansion of the short film that Billy had previously created called “Some Folks Call it a Sling…

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