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  • Characteristics Of Aviation Professionals

    Aviation professionals need to strict qualifications, attributes, and ethics. Before I go over the four basic. What is interesting to find out is the qualifications that Aviation professionals go through is expensive, but need when dealing with billion dollar aircraft or safety of customers. Aviation professionals also need certain attributes when dealing with integrity, flexibility etc when dealing with a time consuming career, and last I will talk about certain ethics in the workplace. Aviation professionals’ number one priority is safety like every other job. It could mean weather, regulations, air traffic control, and navigation. Also understanding their job requirement and not allow drug addiction. Federal Aviation…

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  • Definition Of Professionalism In Aviation

    During these first few weeks there was one course topic that stuck out to me and really influenced my thinking. That course topic was aviation professionalism. This is something that is vital when trying to be successful at your job no matter the position. That’s why it is a great concept because anybody working in the aviation industry should be an aviation professional. I am going to go over why aviation professionalism is important and what are some key areas where it is needed and some ways…

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  • Importance Of Safety In Aviation

    Every day, millions of passengers depart to their desired destination traveling by plane. It is not abnormal to see passengers go on a plane frequently because of the reliability and added safety compared to a car on the freeway. When families go on vacation that is not domestic, they trust aviation to reach their destination. The importance of safety that makes these planes so trustworthy is an item that cannot be achieved by anything on the ground. Countless people think planes already have…

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  • Aviation Disaster Essay

    On Monday July 1st 1956, Americans woke up to tune in their radios, channel in their T.V.’s, or unwrinkled their newspapers to horrific news. Gruesome headlines, and bewildered anchors spread the news that the unthinkable, and impossible happened the previous day. In the pristine and picturesque skies over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, tragedy struck in a way that would forever shock and change the world of aviation in ways never before imagined. Two airplanes collided unexpectedly in mid-air.…

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  • Aviation Crisis Essay

    The stock market saw its worst crash since the Great Depression in November 1973. The aviation industry felt the same quake: domestic airline traffic decreased 5% in 1973. The Congressional Hearing on alternative fuels for aviation during the second session of the 98th Congress revealed just how heavy the effect was on airlines. Consuming 6% of the nation’s petroleum product, the civil aviation sector had tripled its energy consumption in the previous decade, thanks to the groundbreaking…

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  • Essay On Military Aviation

    The first powered airplane flew only 12 seconds and covered 120 feet in 1903 piloted by Orville Wright. (Eyewitness, 2003) The 20th century saw the greatest achievements for aviation as each decade progressed with innovation and advancement. In this day and age, the aviation industry provides an important contribution to economic and social benefits worldwide. However, aviation would certainly not be how it is today without the effect of warfare during the 20th century on the development of…

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  • Importance Of Aviation Investigation

    The aviation accident investigations concentrate on improving safety. The reviews of the scientific and technical developments that have remained the driving force for the enhancing safety have gone beyond the scale of the present undertaking. Earlier legislations concentrated on aircraft impact on the ground and not safety on board. The first air regulation took place on 23 April 1784 (Bibel 23). The regulation prohibited balloons frying without a special license. The regulation gave the…

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  • Oil Crisis In Aviation

    changes to address this vulnerability to price shocks with improved decision making and more research. Unlike the society as a whole, the crisis for aviation was truly a “necessary evil” that, to a great extent, awoke aviation from its dependence on a cheap, abundant oil supply, stimulating a wave of technological innovations that fundamentally improved efficiency of air travel. As airlines suffered, they scrambled for any way to reduce the impact. The demand for newer, cleaner planes encouraged…

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  • The Impact Of Aviation In The Civil War

    technological innovations is aviation; it was being integrated into the Navy before World War I, but wasn’t advanced enough to be of any major strategic use until World War II. For this reason, the strategic and tactical impact of aviation is most visible through the scope of World War II. With the advent of aviation and its integration into the Navy came a shift in naval strategy and tactics; this presented much strategic merit as well as logistic complications. Aviation essentially added an…

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  • The Importance Of Aviation Psychology

    can you do with any form of a Psychology Degree such, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and etc.? I found out about Aviation Psychologist. I had no clue at the time about what Aviation was it turns out that Aviation Psychology is one of the most unknown forms of Psychology. Aviation Psychology is when workers in the occupational area use their knowledge of human behavior to participate in a number of duties for airlines, air ports, and government agencies (). Aviation Psychologist are involved in…

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