Causes Of Human Errors In Aviation

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In today’s aviation world, aircraft are designed with multiple systems to aid aircrew with all aspects of flight; however, the only factor that aircraft manufacturers can’t eliminate is the integration of human error. “Human errors represent the mental or physical activities of individuals that fail to achieve their intended outcome”*. In order to properly predict human error factors we must first understand some factors that make up human error, such as “fatigue” and “situational stress”. Stress can manifest a multitude of symptoms that are detrimental to the operational tempo and the safety of passengers & flight crew in commercial aviation. People experience stress in a plethora of ways, but generally for most people these stressors don’t involve a life of death situation. For flight crew, these stressors happen at 30,000 feet traveling hundreds of miles-an-hour with hundreds of people that are putting their lives in the hands of the flight crew. In the case of American Airlines flight 1420, the flight crew experienced many stressors in flight which led ultimately to the crash landing of this aircraft, which resulted in the death of the captain & 10 passengers, over 100 …show more content…
The majority of these recommendations are self-explanatory but some of these factors may come as a surprise to some individuals, but keep in mind that these are general in natural and everyone’s body responds differently to external stimulus. General guidelines for us to follow are to be mindful of the side effects of medications, create a comfortable sleep environment at home, and get into the habit of sleeping eight hours a night. Remaining vigilent of the general “Do’s and Don’ts” recommending by the FAA will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle, and make us more productive and

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