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  • Assignment On The Slavery Of Africa And Africa

    well versed and well read about Africa and Africans. Here 's what confuse me about your statements on slavery. You made the same points about Africa, Africans and slavery that I made to you then you tell me you sorry you disagree. Here is what you said, “FIRST, LET ME SAY THAT THE AFRICANS UR SPEAKING OF WERE THEMSELVES IN BONDAGE. AFTER WE WERE TAKEN AS SLAVES, IF U REMEMBER, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, FRANCE, ENGLAND, THE DUTCH ....THEY OCCUPIED MUCH OF AFRICA. SO HOW WERE THEY GOING TO HELP US? SOME OF THE AFRICANS WHO WERE BROUGHT HERE WERE THEMSELVES ENSLAVED AND SOLD FOR WHATEVER THEY WERE WORTH. SELLING SLAVES OF DIFF TRIBES WAS COMMON. SLAVES, THO WERE SELDOM HELD IN SLAVERY FOR A LIFETIME. THIS, THAT WE EXPERIENCED WAS UNIQUE. WHAT DID THE AFRICANS IN AFRICA KNOW ABOUT THAT. AFTER A WHILE, THEY WERE BARELY ABLE TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES. AS U KNOW THO, FOR THE MORE PRIMITIVE TRIBES, SLAVERY WAS ALMOST A WAY OF LIFE. THE STRONG OVERPOWERED THE WEAK. SORRY TO DISAGREE WITH U, BUT IF U READ THESE BOOKS, AND U CANT FIND UR ANSWER..WOW.“ Here what I had said, “For me it goes much deeper than what happen to us here in my mind. I have always been focused on the untold story why did the Black men of Africa allow us to be enslaved in the first place? Why didn 't they fight to the death of the last Black African to prevent us from being used like animals? What has Africa done to get us Blacks back and out of this humiliating situation and what does Africa owe us in REPARATION for…

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  • Colonialism In Africa

    It is not possible to evaluate the political state of Africa without taking its history into acknowledgment. Arising out of the post colonial era was the denouncement of a democratic Africa. Many argued it to be a weapon of the West which simply could not function for the African continent. The void created by the renouncement of democracy was ultimately filled by communist and socialist philosophies. Which served as a frontier to a movement towards one-party governments. Evidently under the…

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  • Poverty In Africa

    a Professor of Economics and Public Policy the number of people living in absolute poverty has shown a major decline in some parts of the world; unlike Africa, a continent made up of 54 countries, and a population of about 1.2 billion people is still suffering from extreme poverty. The word poverty, does not have a single definition; the definition of poverty varies by culture, age, gender, social and economic factors. According to investopidia, poverty refers to as, “The state or condition in…

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  • Imperialism In Africa

    European initial scramble of Africa still peaks historians interest today. It is understood that the initial scramble for Africa was a tremendous surge of European imperialism. From the mid-1800s to the early 1900s European powers had rule over Africa. European powers divided Africa up amongst each other without consent of the African citizens and without any knowledge of the continent they took over. “Many of the early explorers of Africa were geographers and scientists who were beckoned by the…

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  • Stereotypes Of Africa

    What do you think of when I say Africa? That was the first question I remembered you asking. As I sat somewhere in the middle of the classroom, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a series of stereotypes that for as long as I have been American I have heard and seen. The Starving children crying and a feminine voice saying donate today, that is the image that pops into my head when I think of Africa but that is not what Africa means to me. Perhaps it is because I come from Haiti, the first black…

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  • Slavery In Africa

    Slavery has been a part of history since the beginning of time. In Africa slavery existed, but as a form of a judicial system. Those who were “slaves” were prisoners of war or those captured during warfare between African territories were used for their skill or trade such as farming and still allowed to marry have children and even own property, debtors or those who could not pay off loans would work until their loans were paid off or offered one of their children as collateral who would…

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  • Misinterpretations Of Africa Essay

    The Increased Misinterpretations of Africa Africa, compared to other continents, is probably the most misrepresented of them all. Little is known about Africa which results to stereotypical descriptions of the continent. Due to the lack of knowledge of Africa, research done by scholars may be illegitimate or seen as offensive to indigenous Africans. These stereotypes are often inaccurate and fallacious representations of Africa on its civilization, geography and population, and hope. …

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  • The Role Of Africa In The Great War

    European powers such as Germany, France, and Britain, the war affected all continents, especially Africa. While many overlook or forget the involvement of Africa in the Great War, it did play a significant role in the start and conclusion of the war. Africa was not a sideshow of WWI, but was vital to the war effort in Europe due to resource contributions, territorial disputes, and the death toll seen in Africa. One of many reasons that Africa was essential to WWI is coined in the phrase…

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  • Child Poverty In Africa

    Issue of Child Poverty in Africa According to the World Health Organization’s report on child health 6.3 million children under the age of 5 died in 2013. Of those 6.9 million, 2.9 million were from Africa. The Report also said 2/3 of these deaths are attributable to preventable disease, and that 1/3 of the babies died within the first 28 weeks after birth (“Child Health”). There is what seems like an endless number of statistics, and almost all of them display the horrifying reality of the…

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  • Stereotypes Of Africa Essay

    STEREOTYPICAL IMAGES ON AFRICA Most Americans, Western people in general have different stereotypes on Africa. For decades, centuries, Africa has been viewed as a non-civilized place, where endless poverty, diseases, conflict and violence exist. In addition, Americans think that all Africans practice voodoo or known as “Black Magic” considered as morbid and violent religion. First of all, most Americans consider Africa as a huge jungle or rainforest. When they think of Africa, they…

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