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  • Arguments In The Dystopian Argument

    Sometimes the negative outcome of things present more of an urge to change, rather than changing for the greater good from the beginning. It can be easier to ignore the truth until the last minute, than to face it head on from the beginning. That’s why I believe dystopian arguments work more effectively in convincing the audience. The arguments themselves can hold a lot of reason and credibility that not only persuade someone into believing the argument but might also grab at the emotional side of a viewer. They promote outcomes that we wish to avoid such as global warming, or the loss of human essence and in doing so provide us the willpower to see things for what they are, and bring upon much needed change from its perspective. With current crucial affairs such as global warming gaining little to no urgency, we can infer that perhaps a more critical/dystopian standpoint could bring more light onto the issue. This is because you can be more realistic with the audience, not lead them on with any false hope of security. You can see how this play out in the article “Chief of US Pacific forces calls climate biggest worry” where Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear exclaims his astonishment that no one has taken appropriate action towards a dire issue. He is very frank when he talks about the consequences of global warming, with the water level rising stating “If it goes bad, you could have hundreds of thousands or millions of people displaced and then security will start to…

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  • The Ontological Argument Is An A Priori Argument

    PHIL-1600, Exam 2, Instructor: Chapman 2 1. Lay out and explain the distinction between an a priori argument for the existence of God and an a posteriori argument for the existence of God and identify which type of argument the Ontological Argument is and which type of argument the Cosmological Argument is. • A Posterior Argument: Relies substantively on empirical promises, sensory experience, and observations. o The cosmological argument is an a posterior argument • A Priori Argument: Doesn’t…

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  • Arguments For Agamemnon's Argument

    Agamemnon’s Argument My soldiers blame me for the plague that has fallen upon our army and is killing my people. Yes, despite the ransom, I refused to return Chryses’ daughter, but will my returning her soothe the fury of Apollo? I am sure that I am not the cause of this horror that has fallen upon the Achaeans. I am willing to give Chryses’ daughter back if it will lift this plague. However, I will not be the only one left without a prize. Achilles asks what prize he may give me to make up for…

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  • Argument Of Al-Ghazali Argument

    This argument seems to be based on an assumption, on the part of Al-Ghazali, that there is a sense of possibility which is external and above God: one that even God must remain bound by. This can be seen in the juxtaposition of the conclusion and the sixth premise. In the conclusion, Al-Ghazali is content with the claim that God cannot have created a better creation since such a creation is not possible. In premise six, however, Al-Ghazali is quite unhappy with the notion that God is not able to…

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  • Argument Arguments For Surrogacy

    some similarities to the two cases since the two include a breach of contract, the implications are that the two have a perfectly valid law suit at their disposal since the surrogate mother violated the clause in the contract that allowed her medical bills to be paid for and the reason she was given 8,000 monthly. In a way the surrogacy contract is similar to prostitution due to the women selling her body for a profit, but the women is willing and consenting which should give her the right to do…

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  • The Ontological Argument And Pascal's Wager Argument

    The Ontological Argument and Pascal’s Wager The “Ontological Argument” was created by Saint Anselm; this argument is in support of God’s existence. His argument is one based on observation and reason not on empirical evidence and is spit in to three parts. The parts include why god exists, why god cannot be thought to not exist, and lastly why atheists are able to think that God does not exist. In the first section he begins with a definition of God that he believes everyone would be accepting…

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  • Argument Analysis Of Jackson's Knowledge Argument

    Question 1 and 2. Jackson’s knowledge argument is based on physicalism. In this document, he argues about even if you know about the conscious experience that brings about you but you would still be missing that information. This means that whatever that happens in the brain deep to the neuron, when sees red color it can produce the red experience of that color. But physicalist theory of mind would not be able to explain all the facts that account for it. Here in this article knowledge argument…

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  • The Dream Argument And The Evil Demon Argument

    being controlled by an evil demon. This argument thus leads us into a similar argument that Descartes argued knowns as his Dream Argument. Both the Dream Argument and the Evil Demon Argument (discussed in Descartes First Meditations) are very similar. Descartes Evil Demon argument as discussed above is depicted in the film where the evil machines are the evil demon deceiving the humans into thinking what they perceive is reality in the vat. Descartes Dream Argument “…claims that dreams and…

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  • Argument Analysis On Straw Man Argument

    A Straw man argument is a version of an argument then is easier to attack. Just as a man made of straw is a less solid version then a man made a flesh, a Straw man argument is a less solid version of a fully fleshed out argument. A straw man replaces or represents what ever actual argument is being made. The Straw man argument can come in many forms and some time is not even intional. People may accidental construct and Straw man argument if they don 't fully understand the depth of the subject…

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  • Arguments Against Plea Bargaining Arguments

    Rights included in this amendment are the right to a jury trial, the right against self-incrimination, and the right to confront hostile witnesses. (Cornell University Law School) The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the effects which a plea bargaining has on the victim, the family, and the suspect during a criminal trial. As a controversial topic, plea bargaining is an issue which has caused an uproar in the criminal justice field. Arguments against plea bargaining include the…

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