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  • Social Injustice's Princess Diana As A Social Activist

    On July 1, 1961, Diana was welcomed into the world by parents Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Ruth Burke Roche, Viscountess Althorp. Her parents divorced when she was young and her father won custody of her and her siblings, this event caused great sadness in the family. Diana was not known to be an academic student, however she much enjoyed different art forms, thus becoming apparent in her work with English National Ballet. After moving to London, she began working with children, evidently her dislike of schooling was overruled by her love of children because she eventually became a kindergarten teacher. As a child, Diana recognized the problems society was facing and knew she ultimately would one day help create change. Her family was well acquainted by the royal family and in 1977, she was sought after to become Prince Charles future spouse. The couple received much attention from the media, for the public was intrigued by the seemingly odd pairing. Lady Diana Spencer became Diana, Princess of Wales on July 29, 1981 after her marriage was finalized to Prince Charles. The fairytale of a wedding and happily ever after did not last long after the couple's divorce was announced in 1992. While visiting Paris on August 30, 1997, Diana and her new boyfriend…

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  • Princess Eulogy Analysis

    Earl of Spencer’s Eulogy for Diana: A Different Approach Six days after the untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales the Earl of Spencer delivered a heartfelt eulogy to pay tribute to his sister. A eulogy can be defined as speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died (Eulogy, n.d.). The Earl used this eulogy not only to praise his deceased sister’s attributes but to call out those whom he felt had victimized his sister through her…

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  • Marks And Spencer Executive Summary

    that may occur as a result of this submission. Date of submission: 29.02.2016 Marks & Spencer Executive Summary As the other industries, the garment industry is one of the prominent component, where as a country, the leader is China. Marks and Spencer is one of the UK’s large sized- retailer company, which has a stores over the…

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  • Supreme Court Political Analysis

    ability to overcome the hardships of poverty shows that the poor should bear responsibility for their own situation. A justice with firsthand experience with corporations or the military or government bodies (to choose just a few examples) may have a deeper understanding of both their strengths and their weaknesses. In the end, it seems difficult to support the conclusion that a justice’s politics are the sole (or even the primary) influence on his or her decisions. There are simply too many…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    There has never been anyone like Art Tatum, who is one of the greatest jazz musicians in history. Tatum was born on October 13, 1909, in Toledo, Ohio, and he was the child of amateur musicians. His father was a mechanic, and his mother was a housemaid who worked in white homes. Although he was not born into a wealthy family, his unique talents helped propel him into the spotlight. If anything, Tatum proved that it was not impossible to become a world-class extraordinaire despite growing up with…

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  • Louis Armstrong Contribution

    It is amazing to think about when Louis Armstrong was born. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans,Loiusiana in a section so poor that it was nicknamed the Battlefield. Louis Armstrong had a difficult childhood, his father was a factory worker and abandoned the family soon after Louis’s birth, his ,other often turned to prostitution, She left him with his grandmother.Amrstrong was obligated to leave school in the fifth grade to begin working. Contributions: So after all after…

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  • Warren Court Case Study

    The Polarized Court Prior jurisprudence says a lot about the Supreme Court today. The Warren Court—one of the most memorable Court’s in our nations history—hit many hot button issues of its time. An interesting juxtaposition is looking at the Roberts Court, who has had equally hot button issues of more recent times, and its approach. When I reflect on the Warren Court I am mesmerized by its legacy and impact on a more equal society, specifically, Brown v. Board of Education. The unanimous…

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  • Segregation Pros And Cons

    Little Rock’s high schools, rather than let integration take place. The schools would not reopen until 1960, but only two African American students would be permitted entry that year. It would take many years before Little Rock was fully integrated. Melba Pattillo’s journey through the Central High School system came about as the result of one of the most famous Supreme Court cases in American history: the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas case which abolished school…

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  • Warren Court Era Analysis

    This class has been a very fun and enjoyable experience in learning about the very important Warren Court Era. The Warren Court has led the way for variety of changes in the United States of America through landmark decisions like Brown v. Board of Education and Miranda v. Arizona. A very interesting thing that I learned was that Earl Warren was appointed by Dwight D. Eisenhower with the intent that Warren would be a very conservative judge, but as cases were presented to the Supreme Court the…

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  • Louis Armstrong's Contribution To The Jazz Career

    Do you know what Scat is or how to scat sing? Just look up Louis Armstrong, he created this masterpiece. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, he was born in the birthplace of jazz--New Orleans, Louisiana. He was in foster care throughout his teenage years. His father abandoned the family right after Louis was born, and his mother resulted to prostitution, so he was often left with his maternal grandmother. He began working in fifth grade where he developed a interest in music, this…

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