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Main Teachings of Zoroastrianism
Belief in Ahura Mazda as creator God
Man has freedom of choice
World is full of both good and evil
Life is essentially joyful
Belief in afterlife (judgement, heaven/hell, resurrection, immortality)
5 Beliefs of Islam
1. Belief in God (Allah), the one and only one worthy of all worship.
2. Belief in all the Prophets and Messengers sent by God
3. Belief in the Angels.
4. Belief in the Books sent by God (including the Qurʾān).
5. Belief in the Day of Judgment and in the Resurrection (life after death).
6. Belief in Destiny (Fate).
5 Pillars of Islam
1) Confession of Creed
2) Pray 5 times a day
3) Alms giving (2.5%)
4) Fasting
5) Pilgrimage to Mecca
LDS & Judaism
1) Christ as the Son of God
2) Godhead vs. 1 God
3) Law of Moses
4) Continuing Revelation
1) Abrahamic heritage
2) Prophets of Old Testament
3) Chosen People
4) Peculiar People
5) Marriage & Family
Roles & Beliefs of Pharisees
6000 people
"We are a chosen people"
Caretakers of the synagogue
71 members in Sanhedrin
Belief of supernatural realms (pre-existence, angels, souls, afterlife, heaven/hell, resurrection, immortality)
Roles & Beliefs of Sadducees
4000 people
Took charge of temples
Well to do, powerful politicians, successful businessmen, professionals, main concern to make money
Deny supernatural realms
Very conservative, follow to the letter the writings of Abraham
Pharisees & Sadducees
P - synagogue, supernatural realms
S - temples, live this life well, deny supernatural realms
Bother - too much emphasis on law
LDS & Islam
1) Monotheism, only 1 God - Allah
2) Modern Revelation (Muhammad the last)
3) Islam - lack of Religious pluralism
4) No pork
LDS & Zoroastrianism similarities
1) God's Adversary
2) Pre-existence
3) Religious garments
4) Against monastiscism, and asceticism
5) Degrees of Glory
LDS & Other Christian churches - Similarities
1) Godhead
2) Children of God
3) Structure similar to Catholic Church
4) Sacraments and Ordinances
LDS & Christian Faiths - Differences
1) To be like God
2) Pre-existence
3) Gathering of Israel
4) lay-ministry
5) Degrees of Glory
6) Continuing Revelation
4 general councils of early Christianity
1) First Council of Nicaea - original Nicene Creed, Easter, Rome primacy
2) First Council of Constantinople - revised Nicene Creed Holy Spirit
3) Council of Ephesus - proclaimed Virgin Mary of God-bearer, reaffirm Nicene Creed

Council of Chalcedon - Human and divine nature of Christ, Bishoprics elevated to patriarchates.