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How, from who, and why were the following territories acquired? A- Gadsen Purchase B- Mexican Cession
C- Oregon Terriotry
D- Louisian Purchase
E Texas
F California
A. During Pierces presidency. needed a southern route for the trancscontinental railroad
B. during Polk's presidency in 1848, Treay of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican war
C. Also during polks presidency in 1846 "54.40"or fight campaign, split at the 49th instead
D. During jefferson presidency in 1803 bought from france for`15 milion because napopleaon was embroile in a European war and needed money
E. duringy tylers preidency. annexed republic, disputed boundary with mexico, led to mexican war
F. during Polks presidency, Treay of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the mexican war
Why did the Whig party turn against President Tyler.
Tyler lost support from the whigs when he went against their platform once he inherited the presedincy. Went againsty the american system and the bank of the united states
What was the Pre-emption Act
Allowed settlers who had "squatted"pm federal land a, the first option to purchase the land a ta dicounted price. It was passed under Tyle. Used in NE KA territores
Why was the annexation of Texas so controversial? why did andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren delay the annexation of texas? who eventuall annexed texas? what was texas before it was annexed
Controversial- because it might lead to issue of slave vs. Free states because many texasns owned slavesand no free state to balance it out. JACK and VB both avoided the ussue because antislaaery groups were opposed to adding another salave state. Tyler annexed it. texas was and Independent republic
How did polk get elected?
Polk's campaign was based on Manifest Destiny, specifally oregon and Texas
What is Manifest Destiny?
america should spread from the atlantic to the pacific ocern.
What is popular soverighnty? How was it used during this time period, regarding slavery?
popular soverignhty is the belief that people living in a territory should decide wheter the aea would allow slavery or be a free state?
What caused th war with Mexico, short term and long term?
Desire for california,idea of manifest destiny,issue over us annexation of texas,and mexican debt to the Polk
Who supported the Mexican War? who was against it? what was the Wilmot provis? was it successful?
Souther Democrats "Manifest Destiny" more power in congress with slave states. Whigs against it. Wimot proviso was not successful, and it wasnted to prohibit slavery in the lands gained from the mexican war
What was the biggest significance of the War with Mexico for the US?
the biggest problem to come out of the war with mexico was what to do with the territories in the Mexican Cessiion in regards to allowing slvery?
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
US got Cali and NEW MEX territories, known as the mexican cession, and rio grande was the souhtern border between texas and mexio> us paid mex 15 mill and gaind 3 mill
What is the Bear Flag?
Flag raised by california republic after its revolt from mexico at the beginning of the mexican war. is stillon the state of california flag
Who is John C. Fremont?
American explorer who assisted the Cali rep during their move to be like TX and become a republic, then get annexed bu the US
Who are the 49érs? Why was cali up for statehood so quickly
people who flocked to CALI during the gold rush. THis led to a population explosion and the people of Cali wanted to become a state. Re opened the slavery issue regarding the territores received in the mexican cession very quickly.
What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850? what was its Purpose?
Stronger Fugitive Slave Act, MExican cession, abolition of slabve trade,
What was the Ostend Manifesto?
1854 Document calling for the purchase of Cuba or the talking of it by force, if spain refused. WOuld havee been a slave state. Opposed by Northerners
What were the provisions of the KA-NE act? what was its purpose? why was it necessary for the nevreaks territory to be organized so quickly?
need for a nourthern route for the transcontinental railroad. Issue of two land areas would be solved through popular sovereignty. Repealed the missouri compromise. Democrats lost power in the north and became a mostly southern pary, whig party died out.
What was Bleeding Kansas?
series of violent acts. YOU SHOULD KNOW. border area of kansas and missouri. Popular soverignty was the backbone of these conflicts in these two states.
What were the details in Dred Scott V Stanford? What was the court's reasoning for their decision? why did this decision concern the north?
the MIZZOU compromise, the comp of 1850 and pop soverignty were overturned because the court ruled that slavery cannot be limited.
What was the panic of 1857? What were the results and causes?
businesses begain to fail. Risky investments were made.
What even caused most southern states to secede from the Union? Why?
Election of Abraham Lincoln and his republican party victory. Felt northern economic interests would benefit, and yhey didnt have full REP in congress
Who was John Brown? What did he do? what happened to him? what did he say about slavery?
Abolitionist, took measures in his own hand. you should know about it.
What happened as a result of the speech, "The crim against Kansas"by Charles SUmner? who else was involved?
Nephew Dude kicking ass. You should remember this one. Charles sumner-anti-slavery
What was the social stucture in the south? how many people actuall owned slaves? why might poor whites support the slavery system? which groups of whites didnt support the slavery system? what did slave owners claim were the benefits of slavery?
THe south argued that slavery was actually a good thing, because slaves were treated better than nothern factory workers.
What is the Crittendon Compromise?
An attempt to solve the crisis over secession, it proposed prohibiting slavery north of the missouri compromise, pop Sovereignty for all future states, an amendmen to guaranteed slavery in current slave states.It was not sucessful and rejected by Abraham Lincoln.
What was the fugitive slave act? what were the efffects on tensions between the North and SOuth? How did it effect the abolition movement?
part of compromise of 1850 was meant to ensure that a runaway slave could be pursued in any sate and reurned to their rightful owners.
Who is williiam Lloyd Garrison? what did he accomplish? why is he significant?
In the liberator he called for the immediate freein of slaves with no compensation to their owners
What was the gag resolution of 1836?
to alleviate southern fears of a debate over slavery, resolutions were passed to preventpetions concwerning slavery. opposition from the whigs.
What was the know-nothing party?
based on a platform of nativism, party was against foreigners. ROse to power as a result of the large number of immigrants arriving in the 1840's. Immigrant issues were backbone of party. split in 1856 over the slavery issue
Who Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin? why was this novel significant to the slavery issue?
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, credited with helping start the Civil War. Detailed the cruelty of slavery.