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Which of the following is not one of the ways that Confucian philosophy attempts to create societal harmony?
By emphasizing individual freedoms
The earliest transition to agriculture was
in the middle east
according to the chapter, why was China's development unique?
It was geographically seperate from the rest of east asia
The mesopitamian law code is famous. What might account for the fact that Egypt didnt create a similar code of law?
As a god on earth, the king was the source of all law.
The religious farming communities tended to focus on
an Earth Mother or female deity
Egypts external interests were primarily concentrated on
maintaining access to valuable raw materials
In the third millenium BCE the political syustem that became dominant in Sumer was
a kingship with the support of priesthood and military
Which of the following is not generally considered to be an attribute of civilization?
The absence of social class divisions
Women played a major role in the transition to crop cultivation because
they were the primary gatherers of wild plant foods
How did Nubia become a 'corridor' for long distance trade before 3000 BCE
It connected sub saharan africa with North Africa
In the Nubian kingdom's matrilineal system, the monarch who usually inherited the throne was the
son of the dead king's sister.
The culture that developed in Egypt was unique largely because of
Egypt's natural isolation and its essential self sufficiency
Agriculture in Mesopotamia depended on
artificial canals and irrigation
Which of the following is not included among Egypt's natural resources?
The duration and isolation of Early American cultures
distinguished them from the world's other major cultural regions
Which of the following about women is Mesopotamia was probably not true
they could initiate divorce
What is the first recognizable cultural activity of human beings?
stone tool making
What motivated Mesopotamian conquests of far-reaching territories?
the need for vital resources
The Mesopotamians developed skill in bronze metallurgy. Which of the following is not considered an advantage to bronze over other metals?
It's inexpensive.
What is the relationship between tool making an dmeat eating in the stone age?
the increase in meat eating is linked to increased tool making
During the shand period, ancestor worship becae important because
Ancestors has special inlfuence with the gods.
Two indigenous Chinese philosophies that emerged from the Warring state period are
Confucianism and Daoism
The introduction of maize to the Andean region...
increased food supplies, allowing for greater urbanization
Which of the following is NOT evidence of Egyptian cultural influence on Numbia?
Actually, due to the overwhelming force of Nubian culture, things Egyptian had no influence whatsoever on them.
Scholars feel that early domestication of animals provided all of the following except
The gradual adoption of agriculture trnasformed the world most by causing
global population increase
Compared with Mesopotamia, the Egyptian population
was more rural and agricultural
Which of the following was probably not one of the components of the 'systems failure' that brought down the Indus Valley cities?
That invaders from the north and east drove out the inhabitants.
The earliest historically documented people of Mesopotamia were the
The term city state refers to
an urban center and the agricultural hinterlands it controlled
Which of the following is not true about the transition to plant cultivation and animal domestication 10000 years ago?
It was rapid and complete.
The growth of settled agricultural communities resulted in
trade and craft specialization
The mnadate of Heaven meant that the ruler retainted the rught to rule as long as
he remained a wise and principled guardian of his people.
Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley civilizations were all
wiped out by a huge drought (not sure about this one, message me if its wrong)
Women in Mesopotamia had a lower status than in a hunter gatherer society because of
the shift of the major role in food provision from women to men.
All of the following are common to polytheistic religions except
the gods are metaphysical
The 'son of heaven' concept was designed to promote all of the following except
priest's control of state
Compared to China, Indian social and economic structure
gave greater latitude to merchants
In contrast to the situation in China, the values developed in Classical India
promosted considerable quality between men and women
The development of writing
helps explain why governments could become more formal and bureaucratic