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ID: Hunter-Gatherers
Nomads that made a living hunting wild animals and feeding off them before the Neolithic Revolution.
ID: Horticultural Societies
Societies which cultivate plants for their food supply.
ID: Neolithic Revolution
Before the common era when hunter-gatherers discovered the process of agriculture and began living together in agricultural societies.
ID: Agriculture
The process of domesticating plants and animals for food and workforce.
ID: Domestication
Taming a wild animal for either work or consumption.
ID: Yali's Question
A question which Yali, a man in New Guinea, asked to Jared Diamond, asking why the white people had more "cargo" than those from New Guinea.
ID: Civilization
A society which meets all of the requirements of the 5 Characteristics of Civilization.
ID: Fertile Crescent
An area of land spanning through Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. The Fertile Crescent provided the natural resources for the first agricultural societies.
ID: 5 Classic Characteristics of Civilization
Specialization, advanced cities, advanced technology, record keeping, and complex institutions.