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One difference between classical civilizations and river valley civilzations was that in classical civilizations -
political organizations were more elaborate
A "Dynasty" in Chinese history was
a family that passed the imperial title from generation to generation
What was a popular confucian belief?
A good society has a hierarchy both in family and in state.
The "Son of Heaven"concept was designed to promote all of the following EXCEPT
priest's control of the state
Daoists would agree with Confucianists on all of the following EXCEPT
the importance of political activity
The Qin dynasty differed from the Zhou in that...
it was more centralized.
Chinese art featured -
careful craftsmanship and detailed work.
All of the following constituted a function of government in Han China EXCEPT
schools for peasant boys
Which of the following groups was considered "low standing" in official Chinese social hierarchy?
Chinese views of nature emphasized
harmony and balance
Woment in Han Chinese society -
sometimes became quite powerful in a household.
What would NOT help explain why India was more often invaded than China?
Hostility to Warfare.
The Aryan conquerors brought to India -
distinctive religious ideas.
The Mauryan dynasty differed from the Gupta dynasty in that -
it ruled a larger territory
The Indian caste system served to an extent as a political institution by -
enforcing rules about social behavior
Hindu ethics involved -
emphasis on an individual carrying out the obligations of life.
Buddhism differed from Hinduism by not believing -
in the caste system
"Nirvana" meant
full union with the divine essence.
If the Greek genius was politics, the Roman genius was -
What would NOT describe an important feature of Indian art?
Opposition to the use of animal figures.
The two mediterranean powers fighting in the Punic War were
Carthage and Rome
India's trading network involved direct contact with most areas, EXCEPT -
Compared to modern American ideas about democracy, Athenian democracy was distinctive in -
urging that all citizens participate directly in lawmaking and policymaking.
Compared to China, Indian social and economic structure -
gave a stronger role to merchants.
The Senate of republican Rome particularly represented -
organizing food supplies and distribution.
Compared to China, India -
had greater contact with other societies and civilizations.
Hellenistic society was known for its advances in -
medicine and geometry.
Compared to Chinese architecture, Greek and Roman architecture -
featured monumental styles.
Roman slaves were used for all of the following EXCEPT -
military service.