Essay On Minoan Civilization

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The most dominant civilizations in history may have possessed powerful weaponry or phenomenal wisdom. In addition to these qualities, a powerful determinant of a nation’s success is its agriculture. The emergence of agricultural production, storing, and distribution catalyze the development of a civilization. Advances of the Assyrian agriculture led to an immense growth in population and more elaborate technology. The agricultural development of the Minoan civilization gave way to trade, ultimately resulting in wealth. The agricultural progression in Ancient Egypt also led to trade, enabling the Egyptians to obtain valuable resources that may have been scarce. Agricultural development had contributed to the success of all of these nations.
The roots of the Assyrian civilization were based on agricultural production. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were of central importance for their agriculture. These rivers were the Assyrian’s key source of irrigation. The civilization implemented systems of levees and canals to ‘trap’ and use water for irrigation. In order to control water flow, farmers dug through the canal wall when they wanted to collect water, and manually sealed it when the desired amount of water was present. It was of viral importance to
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The Minoan Civilization emerged on the island of Crete around 2000 BC. The Minoans were a mercantilist civilization who grew wealthy through trade. Agriculture allowed the civilization to support themselves as well as have valuable assets for trade. The most significant exports were olive and grape products. The Minoans traded with Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor. In addition to farming, the Minoans herded sheep, making use of wool for themselves as well as for trade. Ancient Egypt’s agriculture also gave the Egyptian’s valuable assets to trade, enabling them to obtain valuable resources such as wood that was scarce in

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