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What are the Middle Ages?t
The medival period
Who are the Franks?
Germanic people that held power
What is a monastery?
Religious communities built to adapt to rural conditions
What is secular?
Who were the Carolingian Dynasty?
The family that ruled the Franks from 751 to 987
What does Charlemagne mean?
Charles the Great
What is Chivalry?
A complex set of ideals
What were tournaments?
Mock battles that combined recreation with combat training
Who were troubadours?
Traveling poet-musicians at the castles and courts of Europe.
Who is a lord?
A landowner
What is a fief?
Granted land
Who is a vassal?
The person recieving a fief
Who were knights?
Mounted horsemen who pledged to defend their lords' lands in exchange for fiefs
Who were serfs?
People who could not lawfully leave the place where they were born
What is a manor?
The lord's estate
What is a tithe?
Church tax
Who are the clergy?
Religious officials that included bishops and priests
What are sacraments?
Important religious ceremonies
What is Canon Law?
Church law
What was the Holy Roman Empire?
The German-Italian empire created by Otto
What was lay investure?
A ceremony in which kings and nobles appointed church officials
What were the three roots of medival culture in western Europe?
(1) The classical heritage of Rome (2) The beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church (3) The customs of various Germanic tribes
Ways that civilization in western Europe declined after the Roman Empire fell
(1) Disruption of trade (2) Downfall of Cities (3) Population shifts (4) Decline in learning (5) Loss of Common Language
What was the most important achievement of Pope Gregory I?
He broaded the authority of the papacy, or pope's office
What was Charlemagne's greatest achievement?
The encouragement of learning
When did the Germanic Invasions occur?
The 5th Century
Who was the leader of the Franks?
From which direction did the Vikings, Magyars and Muslims attack?
Vikings from North, Magyars from East, and Muslims from South
Where does the word 'feudalism' come from?
The Latin word 'feudum' meaning fief
What is Feudalism?
A decentralized political and military system based on land given in exchange for military service
What people were involved in feudalism?
Lords, knights and vassals
What is manorialism?
The economic system of medival Europe
Where does the word manorialism come from?
The French word 'Manior' meaning to sojourn, dwell
What kind of economic system is manorialism?
Agricultural, self sufficient, and subsistence existence
What people were involved in manorialism?
Lord, Peasants (the workers), and Serfs (workers bound to the soil)
Why did feudalism and manorialism evolve?
The collapse of Rome and the collapse os Charlemagne's empire
Why did Charlemagne's empire fall?
It lacked primogeniture, meaning the firs son gets it. The three sons signed the Treaty of Verdun which divided the empire into three kingdoms
What was a result of the fall of Charlemagne's empire?
Carolingian kings lost power and central authority broke down. Feudalism evolved
What services provided by the centralized government no longer existed?
Protection, Monetary system, Roads and Bridges, Transportation and Trade
What two inventions from Asia changed technology warfare in western Europe? What did they do
Leather saddles and stirrups. The saddle kept a warrior firmly seated on a moving horse, and stirrups enabled him to ride and handle heavy weapons
What were some themes of medival literature?
Love, knighthood, and castle life
What kind of life was there for Noblewomen?
Under the feudal system, they could inherit an estate from her husband. Upon lord request they culd send knights to war. When husband was fighting, she might act as military commander and warrior. Daughters were educated by tutors
What kind of life was there for Peasant Women?
They performed endless labor around home and fields, bore children, and took care of the family, Young girls learned practical household skills from their mother
What is excommunication?
Banishment from the church and its sacraments
What is an interdict?
When sacraments and religious services could not be performed in the king's lands