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The route of water

Reservoirs- treatment plants- pumping stations- trunk mains- service mains

Who is responsible for ensure London has enough water to fight fires

The London fire and emergency planning authorities

Who maintains the hydrants

Local authorities

British standards of a hydrant

Open anti clockwise

65mm thread outlet

Water flow of 2000 Lpm at a min of 1.7 bar

What equipment makes up the hydrant kit

Double headed stand pipe

Hydrant bar

Hydrant key

When are hydrants tested

Visually every year

Every 4 years in April to sep over run to october

Types of leak detection devices


Screw on

Magnetic leak detection device

Does not need hydrant value open so can be removed therefore can be safely moved to use the hydrant

Screw on

Hydrant value left open.

Can be used but value must be closed before.

Should not be refitted and left in bottom of pit. Water officer informed

Give 4 example of what would be done during an hydrants test

Check the hydrant plate is in the correct place and is visible

Check the pit is clear

Fit standpipe to thread to make sure it is okay

Flush hydrant