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Water is considered

The universal solvent

Surface water must be _____ before drinking


What water may or may not be safe to drink unfiltered

Ground water

Contact tank requires how much time when adding chlorine

20 min

Max turbidity in pitiable water


What’s the most common coagulant


Water leaving the contact tank should have how much chlorine

0.5-1 ppm of chlorine (CL2)

Effluent is

A liquid leaving a process

Influent is

A liquid entering a process

Measuring hardness is done in

Grains/ gal

Hard water =

1 GPG greater

Maximum amount of H2S gas in pitiable water

0.05 ppm

What is regeneration

The recharge of of a water softener

Reverse osmosis will deal with everything but


When should water be tested

Prior to initial hookup


Anytime there is a noticeable change

Types of hardness

Permanent hardness

Temporary harness

Total hardness

Perm hardness

148•c or 299•f

Max total hardness

3.5 gpg

Uv does what to bacteria

Destroys the DNA so it can’t reproduce