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Pump unit, pressure tank, air volume control, pressure switch, relief valve, foot valve are the...

6 components of a private water system

What is the correct ratio of water to air in a standard pressure tank

1/3 air 2/3 water

A standard galvanized pressure tank that has lost its air charge is said to be?

Water logged

A standard galvanized pressure tank thay contains 33.3% air and 66.6% water will release 20% of its water before the pump starts again. What is this water called

Draw off, usable water

Two most common air volume control

Float and diaphragm

The electrical device that turns the pump on and off is called

Pressure switch

What is the vertical lift check valve used on the suction end of the piping in the well called

Foot valve

A pressure expressed in terms of height of water column in feet best defines


A measurement expressed in units of weight per area such pounds per square inch best defines


How does a pump work

By creating a negative pressure on the inlet side of the pump which allows atmospheric pressure to force water into the suction line

One pound of pressure will lift a column of water how many feet

2.31 feet

To convert feet of head to psi multiply by


4 types of pressure tanks

Standard galvanized, floating disc, diaphragm and bladder

True or false an air volume control is used on a bladder type pressure tank


What style tank is there no contact between the water and the tank


Discharge piping, suction pressure, pump capacity, two pump systems and type of pump make up the

Steps for selecting a private water system

What does PSI mean

Pounds per square inch

What does USgpm mean

US gallons per minute

What does Igph mean

Imperial gallons per hour

What does Lpm mean

Liters per minute

List two things that will happen if the wire size to the pump is too small to meet the power requirements

Expected life of the electric motor will be reduced and electrical energy will be lost in the form of heat in the feeder circut

List two reasons why a well must be protected from surface water

Freezing and contaminants

What to do when you notice a reduction in the amount of available water and scale on plumbing fixtures

Well should be acidized by licenced well drilled

How is a pump able to lift water from the well

By creating a partial vacuum in the pumping chamber

How does the diameter of a well affect pumping capacity

By limiting the size pump you can install

What is the maximum theoretical lift of a centrifical pump used as a suction pump

Close to 34 feet

Why is a jet pump capable of greater suction lift than a centrifugal pump

They are better at developing negative pressure than centrifugal pumps

What is the difference between a shallow well and deep well

Depth to the pumping level of the well

How does the altitude of a pump installation affect pump selection and installation methods

Higher elevations do not have as much atmospheric pressure

How does friction loss affect the use of a suction pump

By reducing the amount of work done by atmospheric pressure

What condition may cause cavitation for a centrifugal pump

Pump is working at maximum lift capacity

Why are centrifugal pump suction lines installed with positive grade from the well to the pump inlet

For better elimination when priming

How may drawdown in a well affect an aquifer

Drawdown can allow the aquifer to start releasing sand

Why should pump capacity be matched to well capacity

To prevent aquifer problems from developing

When is a well considered to be deep well

Pumping level is deeper than 24 feet

Why are some jet pumps convertible jet pumps

The jet assembly can be removed from the pump and placed in the well

What type of piston pumps can be offset from the top of a well

Shallow well piston

Which pumps may produce enough pressure to damage a pressure system

Reciprocating and submersible pumps

What are helical screw pumps usually used for

Pumping slurries and sludges

When a shut off valve is placed on a tank tee for resi installation which side of the tank tee should it be placed on

Outlet of the tank

What is the pressure output of a submersible pump impeller stage

9 psi per stage

Why does a submersible pump require a check valve at its outlet

To stop water from draining out of the drop pipe through the pump

What types of impellers are used on centrifugal pumps

Closed, semi-closed and open

What device is used on the outlet of two pipe jet pumps to allow the pump to produce the most water possible

Flow control fitting or valve

1" Hg is equil to what feet of lift

1.13 ft of lift

Minimum pressure tank size for farm use

42 gallon pressure tank

How many times should a pump cycle in an hour

No more than 25 times per hour or every 2.4 minutes

How much water does one person need in a day

60 US gal or 230 L

Why does the amount of water needed by hogs very so greatly

Gender, size and lactating status create various demands

What is the rule of thumb for sizing sprinkler lines based on national fire protection standard 13 D

3/4 inch line for one head 1" for 2

How is freeze protection provided for a cistern that cannot be buried deep enough

By placing insulation suitable for the purpose over the tank

Why does a buried cistern require a vent line

The vent allows the cistern to operate under atmospheric pressure conditions

When an uncoated cistern is filled you observe the water level has lowered even tho no water has been used. What caused this

Uncoated concrete is porous and will allow water to soak into it

Why is the vent terminal of a cistern arranged to point back toward ground

So precipitation cannot enter the vent

Why is drinking water with no additional treatment rarely collected from lakes

The water may appear to be clean but could be contaminated by animals

Why are water intakes placed at various levels in a lake

To allow an operator to collect the cleanest water during periods where the lake is frozen

How are springs classified into 3 different categories

By how the water from the spring comes to the grounds surface

When placing an inpoundment box over a spring to provide water for collection how is the spring prepared

With as little disturbance as possible to the opening

What factors influence waters ability to disolve soluble material

Solubility of material, time of contact, ph of water and temperature of water

How does a well screen filter material out of water coming from an consolidated aquifer

It relies on bridging of larger material near the screen to filter finer material

What is well development

The cleaning of an aquifer by a drill rig to ensure the well water is as clean as possible

How are wells generally sorted by their type

By the type of equiptment used to make them

Firefighting water minimum volume and time

1200 ig for 2 hours

5 types of wells

Drilled, jetted, driven, dug and board

What is the most viable alternative to a water well for farm water supplies


When would a 2 pump system be used for a private water supply

When a well can not supply enough water for peak demand

What is the purpose of each pump in a two pump system

Pump 1 fills the cistern from the well pump 2 moves the water from cistern to point of use

POU meaning

Point of use

POE meaning

Point of entry

Pressure tanks should be sized to prevent the pump from cycling more than

25 times an hour

What is the ideal pressure differential between cut in and cut out in a pressure tank


Who should complete the electrical connection within a private water system


What legislation lists what is considered as household activities for licensing purposes for a private water system

Water act of 1999

An activated carbon filter removes

Taste and odour

Iron can be removed by

Water softner, iron filter, polyphosphate

On average how many gallons does a person consume (personal use)

1 gallon

What is the color of the perfect PH

Phenal red

What is the ideal ph level


1 GPG=

17.1 ppm

Which filtration process is effective in removing bacteria


If you are going to bury a tank in a very acidic or alkaline soil what type of tank would you use


What percentage of the planets water are fresh lakes, rivers and streams


The path water takes as it moves through the environment best describes

The hydrological cycle

What is water considered to be

Universial solvent

True or false: Water chemistry can change weather the supply is surface, well or municipal


True or false: well water 5 feet appart can be entirely different


Which water supply may require treatment

Well, surface and municipal

True or false: water should be tested only after installing equipment


A minimum water analysis should always include

Hardness, iron, TDS and Ph

17.1 mg/l= ? Ppm

17.1 ppm

What represents total hardness

Calcium and magnesium

Water sample test at 4gpg is what degree of hardness

Moderately hard

True or flase: hydrogen sulfide has a smell of rotten eggs


True or false: iron bacteria can be treated with an iron filter


The most common impurity found in water is


A ph level of 7.0 is considered to be


For bacterial tests or if a water source is suspected of containing coliform bacteria a sample must be submitted to

A goverment approved lab

Which filtration process is effective in removing bacteria, cysts, some chemicals, color and odor problems


Scale in water heaters and piping is caused by which impurity