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What is the term for locations from which an engine can draft out of a static water supply source?

Drafting / Fill Site

Almost any static source of water can be used for drafting if it is:

Sufficient in quantity and not contaminated

Before opening a portable tank, a ___________ should be placed on the ground to help protect the liner once the water is dumped into it.

Salvage cover or Heavy tarp

Portable water tanks should be positioned in a location that allows easy access from ___________

Multiple directions

Jet dumps ______ the flow rate of any dump valve


The interlocking network of water mains that compose a water distribution system


The term for an arrangement of water mains that deliver water to hydrants from more than one direction at the same time


Fire Hydrant markings and colors are used to designate ________

Flow Capacity

The smallest pipes in a water distribution system which deliver the water to the homes and hydrants on individual streets are called _________


The most common water distribution system is a ________ system

Combination System (Pumped/Gravity)

_______ hydrants receive water from only one direction


The two major hydrant types are ______ barrel and _______ barrel

Wet Barrel and Dry Barrel

Fire hydrant that receives water from two or more directions

Circulating Feed

On a dry barrel hydrant, the valve that controls water flow to all outlets is located at the _______ of the hydrant

At the Base or Foot

How is the amount of water a community needs for both domestic use and protection calculated?

Based on History of Consumption and Estimates of Anticipated Needs

What are the 3 methods for moving water through the system?

1. Gravity

2. Direct Pumping

3. Combination Systems

This system delivers water from the source or the treatment plant to the distribution system without pumping equipment

Gravity System

The difference if the height of the water source and the point of use creates __________

Elevation Pressure

Gravity pressure is adequate only when the primary water source if located more than ______ feet higher than the highest point in the water distribution system

100 Feet

Alpine Lake or Mountain Reservoir are examples of true ________ systems, which supply water to consumers below

Gravity Systems

Water supply system supplied directly by a system of pumps rather than elevated storage tanks

Direct Pumping System

Where are most direct pumping systems found?

Agricultural or Industrial Settings

What is the main disadvantage of Direct Pumping Systems?

Total dependence on pumps and electricity

Water supply system that uses a combination of both gravity and direct pumping systems

Combination System

A principal pipe in a system of pipes for conveying water, especially one installed underground

Water Main

When water flows through any pipe, its movement causes ________ that reduces water pressure


What are the 3 types of Water Mains

1. Primary feeders

2. Secondary Feeders

3. Distributors

These mains convey large quantities of water in the distribution system and supply secondary feeders

Primary Feeders

Intermediate pipes that connect with the primary feeder lines and create a grid

Secondary Feeder

_____________ can be used to isolate each secondary feeder

Control Valves

To ensure a sufficient supply, ____ or more primary feeders should run from the source of supply to the high risk and industrial districts of the community along seperate routes


What is an advantage of the grid system?

High demand in one area does not reduce water flow in other areas

Today _____ inch pipe is often the minimum size used

8 inch

Gravity Tank capacities range from _______ gallons to over ___________ gallons

5,000 gallons to over a million gallons

What are the two types of valves generally used in public water supply systems?

Isolation Valves and Control Valves

Control valve with a solid plate operated by a handle and screw mechanism; rotating the valve moves the plate into or out of the waterway

Gate Valve

Control Valve that uses a flat circular plate in a pipe that rotates 90 degrees across the cross section of the pipe to control the flow of water

Butterfly Valve

The maximum lengths for valve spacing should be ____ feet in high value districts and ____ feet in other areas as recommended by Commercial Risk Services, Inc

500 Feet; 800 Feet

Isolation valves should be tested at least _________

Once a year

____________ are generally located on municipal easement and below ground

Isolation Valves

All valves are hydrants are opened by rotating the stem or operating nut to the __________

Left or Counterclockwise

Rotating the stem or operating nut to the ___________ closes the valve or hydrant

Right or Clockwise

Isolation valves for private water supply systems are usually ___________ valves

Indicating-Type Valves

An indicating valve shows whether the gate seal is ______, ______, or __________

Open; Closed; Partially Closed

What are 2 common indicating valves?

- Post Indicator Valve

- Outside Stem and Yoke Valve

The __________ valve is a hollow metal post that houses the valve stem

Post indicator Valve

The water ___________ determines the quantity of water that the facility is using for billing purposes


The ______________ prohibits any water from flowing back into the public water system

Backflow preventer

Fire Hydrants should not be spaced more than ____ feet apart in high value districts

300 Feet

Hydrants should be located at ___________ intersections

Every Other

Every building on a given street should be with ____________ of a hydrant

One Block

__________ loss reduces the volume and pressure of water available from fire hydrants


A distribution system that provides circulating feed from all directions is called a __________

Grid System

__________ can provide a consistent volume of water under constant pressure

Fire Hydrants

_________ hydrants receive water from only one direction, whereas ___________ hydrants receive water from two directions

Dead-End; Circulating-Feed

In general, all fire hydrant bonnets, barrels and foot pieces are made of __________

Cast Iron

The internal working part of fire hydrants may be made of _________


What are the two main types of fire hydrants?

Wet Barrel and Dry Barrel

Fire Hydrant outlet that is 4 inches in diameter or larger

Pumper Outlet Nozzle

Large-diameter outlet, usually 4 1/2 inches, at a hydrant or at the base of an elevated water storage container

Steamer Connection

What are the 2 components for a standard hydrant discharge outlet?

1 large (4 or 4 1/2 inches) outlet


2 hose outlet nozzles for 2 1/2 inch couplings