Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

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My research questions are where does the water come from? Demonstrate the difference between tap water and bottled water. What is the difference between developed country water drinking and developing country water drinking? The topics that I want to address in this essay is about development of water resources of drinking water. This is very important because every organism need water to survive. Water is defined as clear liquid that is tasteless and are relate to rain, rivers, lake, and sea. Water means life for human and is the lifeline of animals, plants, and any living things. All organisms grew around a water source to support and to give life to its economy. Without water, the Earth would not have existed and would have no life of living …show more content…
I interviewed about five people and they were my classmates
Survey Questions
1. Which are more safe bottled water or tap water?
Except for one person, four people said bottled water is safer because it is more purified. One said water bottle is not safe because he thought bottled water is not clean well.
2. How much water do you think we need to drink in a daily basis to survive?
One said we can survive without water in a day but have to drink water 5 days out of seven days. One said drink one gallon of water in a day because it is healthy. One said drink four to five bottles per day to keep energetic. Two people said they do not know how much water they need to drink to survive.
3. Is tap water safe?
One said yes because the water department makes sure that tap water is safe to drink.
Four said no unless it’s filtered at home. Filtered water can clear out many safety concerns live bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides.
4. What type of water do you prefer to drink?
Two people said they drink tap water because they don’t trust bottled water. They think bottled water is not cleaned very well. Three people said bottled water because it is safe and

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