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How many seconds must you wait between

attempted APU starts?

15 second minimum wait time before next attempt.

(maximum of 3 attempts, if 3rd attempt fails you must wait 55 minutes for start motor cool down)

During a wing/APU fire on the ground, after you have verified a fire with the fire guard, your next step should be to_________.

Execute Emergency Shutdown
If the APU system SBIT indicates a FAULT what will you see on the MFD WRA TEST status page?

F(S) in the stat column next to the failed


Electrical operating power for the APU engine

system consists of ________.

28 Volts Direct Current (VDC)
What are the five EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN steps? (this question is go/no go)

1. Verify APU fire with fireguard

2. APU STOP (as required)

3. Battery OFF

4. Egress (as required)

5. Ground Control ALERTED

What components are driven by the MWGB during APU operations?

No. 3 Hydraulic pump, Oil Cooler Blower, Shaft Driven Compressor (SDC)
________ shall not be selected for normal operation of the APU, damage to the ACFT may occur.

Emergency Run/Engage
T/F. APU is limited to ground operations?


During APU crank mode a time-out feature limits this operation to _________.

30 seconds maximum
T/F. The APU can only be started with external power applied?

T/F. The APU system interfaces with the MWGB to provide electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic power?
Automatic shutdown protection is not provided for which situation?

Low fuel pressure.

T/F. Prior to APU start the WFPS shall be

DISABLED if any wing/midwing panels are



Fuel is supplied to the APU from the _______?

RH feed tank.

If the APU fails to start after 3 attempts, the APU start motor shall be allowed to cool for _____ minutes before next attempt.

55 minutes minimum

The APU is labeled, ______, ______, ______, ______, and ______.



Emergency Run/Engage



T/F. A maintenance/VSLED download is required after every APU run?

The #3 hydraulic system pressure should read between ____ - ____.

4600-5250 psi

T/F. If the WFPS is DISABLED no wing fire

detection/protection is available?

When the APU is started which generator(s) is/are on-line?

Constant Frequency Generator (CFG) #1

The WFPS is located on which PDP?


The first step of the APU checklist is ______.

Aircraft safe for maintenance.

During Run/Disengage mode the APU will preform the same function as Run/Engage mode except the ______.


At what temperature must the APU clutch be preheated for 15-30 minutes?

- 25 Degrees F and below
Pertaining to APU operations, what is not checked for servicing at the GRDP?

CFG #1
When operating the APU in CRANK mode, how long will the APU motor?

30 seconds.
The APU engage ASI will show up on the ______.


What is the minimum battery voltage required for APU start?

23.5 Volts

What is the first step in the wing/APU fire


Verify APU fire with fireguard
T/F. To prevent inadvertent actuation, the NAC CONT DSBL switches shall be selected to DSBL anytime nacelles are in flight ready?

The APU ignition is initiated with two igniters which receive _______ volts from the ignition exciter.

Once the APU has started, the fuel system will maintain what constant turbine speed?


The APU start motor will disengage at what

percent of the APU self-sustaining speed of 100%?

What is the last step of a wing/APU fire on the ground?

Alert Ground Control